Sunday, May 2, 2010

Indian Lake and Froggys

So Swayne, Jones, Hoffman, Polska and I went to the Polak cottage up at Indian Lake last night which turned out to be a clown festival/drunken mess/milf hunting/cougars attacking great time period. Most of the day was spent helping the Paplaczyks move out of the grande ol house (tear), which was worth it cause Tommy P. paid everyone $100 for helping them move which we all ended up spending later on that night (as well as on random items from Wally World). We pregamed by the fire while drinking Bud Ice and surprisingly Natty as well (dont ask it was Swaynes idea). I expected the town to have a dead bar scene, but Swayne and Jones wanted to go to the bar above, Froggys where they learned from the last visit that you can Have Ribs in the Pool (Bring your girlfriend!). Ribs in the pool did not happen, but we did mingle with a pack of 40 year old single women who were quite fond of us, they even convinced Swayne to dance to Beat It. I ended up blacking out sometime around midnight and woke up in the cottage confused of course. But I guess while I was passed out in the backseat of Polskas Impala they drunkenly traveled to another bar and were then invited to a party with the locals and rejected entry upon arrival. It twas a funtime with the bromigos and I look forward to going back at the end of the month.

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