Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cune's Top Five Hip-Hop albums of 2010

I didn't want to get too list heavy with my first post back on Pluto. Thought I would keep it short and sweet. So here are my 5 favorites for 2010 Hip-Hop. Enjoy!

Black Milk-Album of the Year

The Roots- How I Got Over

Roc Marciano- Marcberg

Freeway and Jake One- The Stimulus Package

yU- Before Taxes

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bus-Town From Shitty Blackberry Flicks....

A lot more fun than it looks. Genny was back in the mix and of course the cobra. Noise shows at Skylab with the crew. Carabar, tho you cant really tell was live, Copywrite and the rest of the homies put on a good show. We discovered That Polish Guy is the official one millionth Nicki Minaj fan, and ended the trip at hound-diggity with the aggin Phil Deez, all in all it was a successful trip back to home base.