Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Carolina Graff Life

Just a few of my fave graffers from my new neck of the woods, Close takes the cake for style, but Leder got some dope spots round my way, more flicks here....NC Graff 12oz

All. Day. I. Dream. About. Shoes

...and Brody asked why niggas like shoes so much, besides the fact that we got that nigga syndrome, cause they are dope. I would buy you a pair if you wore these Brode....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Major Lazer & La Roux- Lazerproof

Ive been fuckin with La Roux for a couple years now, I remember tryna put chicks onto her after I heard a remix of "In For The Kill" on a Dave Espionage mix. Now its like the same people I tried to hip to her are fans since shes become radio friendly, atleast my girl had some taste in checked her out awhile back. I didnt think this tape was gonna be that dope since im not the biggest fan of Major Lazer but I was shocked at how clean it was, plus the track selection were on point. They chose the best remixes or her more popular songs and threw them in with some dope reggae ish jams, check this mix out for sure its got that summer vibe thing going and the females will dig.

Proof That Its The Future...

Since I live on the coast now ive been thinkin bout investing in a boat, how yall feel about yachts? I bet you Bron Bron bout to get one (ouch). On the real I would go for the first one up top, plus its designed by Audi. Found these over on Born Rich.

As Much As I Heart Dem...

And as cheap as I am you gotta draw the line somewhere...ya smell me?

Waka Flocka Flame- Flexin

Yall thought I went soft on yall...plus I been wearing alot of cutoffs and cause im in DA SOUTH!!

LOL At Dem Feeeeeelins...

A couple years ago people were mad about a nigga fightin dogs which niggas (and non niggas) seem to enjoy. Then people were criticizing a nigga for shooting himself in his own leg (which they should cause niggas dont do that). Now niggas and people from the Midwest (Ohio mainly) are upset cause a nigga pulled a smart nigga move. We talkin bout Bron Bron, you know that dude thats been laid up in northeast Ohio all his life (see where im goin here) workin for the workin class people. Well lets just face reality and realize Lebron aint working class and who wants to be stuck in Ohio forever (I just recently got out and feel fuckin grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat), not to say there is anything wrong with Ohio cause that is home base. But when your like Lebron, I and the few in our crew that got out you can relate to the idea of experiencing a different environment. Thats why im all for Bron Brons move, I mean he is a young paid nigga who is tryna make somethen out of himself (by playin ball of course, what else nigga). So to all you folks upset out there cause he "betrayed you" think about what you would do in his situation, lay up in the mistake on the lake, or kick it on south beach....lets display exhibit A for another reason the nigga went south......

OOFT! - This Sound

Heard this track on a mix I will be posting up soon, but im diggin it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Its Official...

I am now the official TiPset Gang diplomat of the south. Posts will be slow for a few weeks but I am asking that the rest of you fools get back in action. I wanna take the blog back to its original intention, which was to share whatever music we are all diggin at the time (im lookin at you Cune, Brody, Thread and Butter, and T.Hamen) as well as sharing pics (Crepface), events, dope videos, funnies, lolz, and whatever you find interesting and wanna share with the crew(Shonuff). Ill be posting alot of music mixes/mixtapes from many diff. genres so I hope yall do the same. Lets get this ball rollin as we have had this blog for about a year, be safe fellas and stay in contact.


Hey guys, my stay in Spain is over. I returned to Kyoto on Sunday, about a week ago. I had no success in uncrosseing the legs like some of you has thought I would do, well I am bad at that but instead, I had success in winning the trust from the local people. I left Galicia on June 21st from Santiago with this complex feelings that I could not explain or describe in words and arriving in Barcelona, trying to figure out where I am heading with this journey. I had 10days to get what I could get out of this oppertunity. I made so much friends in oneday than I usually do in Japan in Both Catylan and Galicia. I really want to return someday, to Spain since it was physically and culturally closer to USA than Japan. I met some really cool Americans while I was in Barcelona, few UK and Aussie's and other nationalities. I guess I do better in the west than the east.

After returning, everything felt complicated and weird that I am speaking my own language more often, and sometimes having a hard time adapting. Anyhow, here are some pics!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


So being in Barcelona for almost 10days, I leave really soon like in one day and 15 hrs or so. I dont know where to begin but Spain, for me is totally awesome! Wanna come back again. And I did not get layed, as usual so I dont know the flavor guys! Too bad...