Saturday, May 29, 2010

Madvillain - Fancy Clown /ZZ Hill - That ain't the way you make love

These my jams right now...

Charleston, SC and Back to Ohio

Back from another trip to the south w/my chick and just getting settled in the OH-10. The ride down was cool but West Virginia sucked to drive through, Virginia was boring even with the mountains, North Carolina was by far the most scenic. As for getting into South Carolina, my lady took over the wheel somewhere outside of Columbia, SC around midnight. I proceeded to pass out since I had driven from WV but woke up an hour later in the middle of nowhere SC. My girl is trying to pump gas at a closed gas station at 2am, realizing we are out of gas and have to wait for the station to open I decide its a good idea to rest here, while she freaks out over noises she said sounded like chainsaws, people whispering and the Jason call (chchchchchch....hawhawhaw). The station opens a few hours later and we proceed to Charleston the final destination. We arrive there around 7am rode around town, went to waffle house and checked into our hotel. I was really shocked at how much I liked the city since I expected a dead southern coastal town and got a lively college town with a southern vibe. Most of the weekend was spent checkin out various beaches, alot of time spent hoppin around downtown, cruising through the many islands on the coast, and eating out at whatever place we found interesting (Sweet Tea is very popular in the south and Bojangles had the best imo). It was a bummer to leave the south and my girl behind (since she is stationed at Charleston AFB). But since the town is probably gonna be my next home it wont be long before im back down. Most of the pics above were from my BBerry cam so enjoy.

Female Appreciation

The soon to be MILF and fiance of Swizz Beatz is this months female to appreciate.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tracks Im Diggin At The Moment...

Shouts to Brody on the first track!

Im In Da Souuufffff!

I made it to South Carolina with my Ladygirl this morning and im diggin this town alot more than I thought I would, besides a minor run in with some locals who were not fans of us because of our Ohio plates. But it reminds me of our trip to New Orleans a couple months ago, it has a french quarter with alot of shops and bars, graff life is here, and the beaches were nice. Tonight we gonna check out the downtown and later get some tag-bangin poppin off ya heard me. Im prob not takin many pics this time since this is the last vacation I will have for awhile and im gonna enjoy this to the fullest, be back on Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Columbus Coated Fabrics

I remember chillin at the 4th Street Mansion with the AKE and PBJ cats when they would talk about CCF. I wasnt into painting that big at the time (just handstyles browe) so I thought it would boring to tag along and watch them paint pieces. I regret that decision now since the place is gone. Talking with Lil Rik and Smez the other day made me realize we dont have many good day spots left around town. Water Treatment is still my spot but its no longer an adventure going there anymore. I never got to experience CCF but I know it was THE graff playground for awhile in this town and the fact that its gone is felt by many writers new and old. More flicks can be found here.

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars

Been diggin this track for awhile...


Most of these flicks are older pieces but thats what im feelin at the moment. Ive been in a big piecing mood recently and my style has always been influenced by Hery, I think he is by far one the most original writers from our city especially when it comes to pieces and handstyles. In general he is a nice dood who always shows me respect and deserve his.

The 3rd and a half week in Spain

Whats up, gang. I am in Galicia...for those of you who dont know, its a part of Spain, located in a north west area. Anyhow, I am staying in Galicia according to schedule until the 23rd of June. I dont wanna go back 'cuz I feel at home and back to my old self again, besides all the racism shit I get I like the place.

I am in my third week stay in Spain and still did not learned the language yet, so I have hard time meeting new people. Since I was kicked out of Spanish class in middle school, I have some disadvantage...Why the fuck they kick me out for a dumb reason, I dont know. Anyhow, I am staying at a small city called Ourense in Galicia, EASD the school I go to to study.

I have not done much there but I am enjoying my time, while suffering a cough. I dont know where or how I got this, but I do know that I got it the day I arrived in Ourense. The city is fucking cold and not a gradual change, sudden change of climate, and now I think I have it because of it. I got like 3 meds over the past 3 weeks and didnt help me. I am on my 3rd one, and lets hope I am good. I joke around that I have TB, 'cuz I have the cough more than 3 weeks, losing apetite, night sweat, today I experience chest pain after series of rapid cough, and fatigue is going down hill. If it was true, then next week I will be like Okita Souji; coughing up blood in a foreign land!

I made friends here within 3 days, like it was easy. People are polite and nice, they try to speak English to me, when I am supposed to be trying my ass off speaking Spanish to them. It is not typical for them to speak English; rather Galigo or Esponal, and maybe other language or two. Students who visited Japan over the past 3 years attend EASD, so I already had friends and thru them, I met alot of people and met more people thru their friend. I also met people at class and became friends with them. In Japan, it took me a week to make friends on my first day! Also the culture is similar, and people are similar, physically closer to the US that I am having a blast. People who heard that a student is coming from Japan Imagined a normal everyday Jap. was coming but when I arrived, they were spooked by the fluent English speaking short Asian who talks, acts, and pronounce Spanish like an American. I never noticed this, until people mentioned this to me, that I am very different from any other Japanese they have met. Also, I talk alot, Mucho, and people think I am funny...vs in Japon, I am never this popular! Since there is alot to talk about but it'll take me a while, I will go ahead and upload a picture or two on this bad boy.

Later! Hasta Luego!