Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Exhibition information

I have a exhibition at a cafe in Gion area of Kyoto called cafeGreen.
Its a New Zealand cafe gallery located near the Shijyo Yamato Ooji intersection, right across from the Issenyoushyokuya.
The term is from 12th to 20th. 12:00 - 24:00 and the final day the display is until 18:00. Since its a cafe, you have to at least order one item.
I have four days left.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Indigo dye workshop at Hozucho, Kameoka

I started to have visits to kameoka, a neighboring city located beyond the western mountain lines of Kyoto. I met the guy who coordinates the workshop last year before I visited Slovenia. Since I never been to kameoka, and only once to the western area of the region, it was a delightful experience.

Participants vary per day, but the maxim amount of ppl I've seen is around 40 ppl, and got to know five or six of the participants, mostly older than me from different parts of Kansai region.