Saturday, March 19, 2011


My other click back in the OH State still gettin busy in the streets and the walls.

Rap is My Other Hobby...


Freight Cars

Im still a street graffer for life, why else would I rep those Taggers Painting Graffiti. But freights are the new canvas since these southern streets get buffed quick. Hopefully I can get some end to ends with both my crews soon.

Real Music From Crep TPG

Video above is the Creepshows last band Vannacut, I say we take a trip out west to crush and rage with the fool in Portland.

Billboard Liberation Front

Graff on billboards is dope, but this shit is pretty funny, check out this group of vandels here.

Rebecca Black- Friday

Gettin down on friday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

work upload

here are some work I made for the graduation exhibit for KSUA. It was displayed at the Kyoto City Museum. And other works I made that I can transfer onto screen for serigraphy or used for business card I am planning to make. Pictures of up close shot

Panels of Baby Face Nelson, Dillinger, Gaudi


Upload of another Wood mosaic piece (incomplete) and mosaic frame. The Mosaic piece of board will be cut into thin pieces. This pieces will then be glued onto a thin plywood and cut into even smaller pieces. The end Product will become various designs of business card case.