Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles: Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

Found this while scouring The Fader for the latest mixes. Tom Caruana who put this together is a music teacher from England, I have not heard the full tape but I did post a few tracks below that I dug. Most Rock/Rap mash ups im not a fan of (thanks Jay-Z) but I think im gonna favor this over the Grey Album. Click the pic above for link to download.

Super Mario Bros.

Heard they got a new Mario game out! This game was my shit on NES and N64.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Diplo Presents Free Gucci Mane

So bein a Gucci Mane fan longer than a Diplo fan I kinda had high expectations for this tape. Tho not all tracks were remixed by Diplo, in my opinion it is mad decent. I think it will take sometime and a few more tracks will grow on me, but these above are my faves so far.

Kurt Vonnegut

Our "founding father", found this on The Impossible Cool.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sweatin' 2010 Tonight

I told myself I wouldn't go out tonight because of work in the morning, but its hard to resist a good time. The first Sweatin' of the year will mos def. be a funtime. The dudes DJ Cashola and DJ Selp Help will be gettin down as well and if I'm goin out to party I better hear this track below....

Le Tigre

Been a fan of Bikini Kill for a while and kinda have a lil kid crush on Kathleen Hanna, but I have been diggin this group recently and these 2 tracks.

Jay-Z Feat. Swizz Beatz- On To The Next One

Im sure you have prob heard this before, but not all of us have cable television, I myself just got it back a few weeks ago. But for some reason im diggin the video in a "I know this nigga did too much and he probably feels uncomfortable but thinks he is cool cause of all the weird shit, and of course hipsters and artsy bitches are gonna love it" type of way...

C-Breezy RNB

Mr "yo dont know you name but excuse me miss....before i lay hands on you" Brown is a multi-talented artist. We already know him as an RnB crooner, as well as a nigga that fucked up (props to Cune) and then losing again (mmmm RiRi). But now he has decided to dabble in the graff game, thanks to Revoks Blog for the flicks.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gucci Mane ft. Snoop Dogg-Party Animal

My anthem for tonight, I Is A Party Animal...

I Went To Mcfaddens....

Its sad that this year hasnt been "popping" of like 2009 was. It seemed like every weekend there was something going on, if not we could always go to Sweatin'. The DIY scene has not had as many shows as last year, and even the Sweatin/Dance or Die/Get Right events seem like they are too spaced out. That is why I ended up at Mcfaddens last night. Sure I could have gone to the 15th house show like I planned, but I was not in the mood for live music, which is rare. Thanks to the kid Scooter, who won happy hour (which really wasnt that great of a happy hour) I was able to enjoy cheaper drinks then the rest of the bros who were ready to fist pump and dry hump to make there suburban fathers proud. I honestly did enjoy myself, I got a few free drinks, was gyraped (patented) by a group of off beat dancing females, and caught up with some friends I havent seen in years. It may be another flip-flop bro haven, tho doc martens were prob appropriate for this season, but for being overcharged in a crowded and humid enviorment it was an unexpected good time.

All White Kicks

I dont what it is about all white shoes, but I have always been a fan. I know it has recently been in style for men to wear all white kicks, but I have been rockin white sneakers since my first pair of Jerry Stackhouses. Reebok has been my go to brand for all white high tops, but these D&G kicks I found over on Kanyes Blog are my type of shoe.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gucci Mane – Diplo Presents: Free Gucci (Best of The Cold War Mixtapes)

I been talking about this for a min and it was released on monday, click the top pic for a leak to download. Also when is the Wale and Diplo mixtape comin out. I will be posting some tracks I dig after I give it a few spins, check it out for yalls selves.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ghostface Killah- Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry

So im a little late on a "review" for this one since the album is a couple months old, but im already calling it a sleeper. I feel this because it seems people would think an RnB album done by a rapper would be weak, I had my doubts as well. But being a Ghost fan I had faith that Mr. Starks would come through for the fans, I even turned a young lady friend of mine who listens to angry white boy music into a fan of the cd. This is the type of album you can listen to while your out ridin or chillin at home cookin some chicken with a female. In my opinion its one of the more creative albums of 2009 and for that matter the last decade, considering the type of music the Wu-Tang Clan member usually puts out. If your a fan I suggest giving it a few spins and judge for yourself, and since im not good at putting in words why you should listen im just gonna post a few tracks below....first track is my cut.

Cune Pluto's Song Of The Week: To Rococo Rot- Die Dinge Des Lebens

This song pretty much sums up my mood as of late....Chillin' the fuck out

Sens TPG

Not the best pic but found this guy creepin on The Prophet, if only he would come out and do some damage with us....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Erabik IOK/MFK

I have been meaning to post some of this young gunners work on here for awhile. The subject of this piece tho brought to my attention my ignorance to some history of graff. The story I got from The Prophet was that the character in the middle of Erabiks piece was painted by a graff artist ahead of young Es time, so he thought instead of going over it as some "toys" or disrespectful writers would, he would preserve it by incorporatin it into his piece. When I first met homie we were discussing how Ohio is too small for beef and what a waste of time it is for cats to hate on another mans grind. So I find it funny that he is catching heat by older and young heads (mostly over the Internet) for trying to do what he thought was write. In my opinion when I first saw it I thought it was a dope concept, characters come and go and he made a wise decision by showing he isn't another dick who would've have just gone over it. Enough of the ranting about graff life im gonna post a few more of this dudes work....

(Credit The Mix for stolen flix)

Blackout Jones at The Monster House

I think we should change the name of the blog to The Youtube Gang? Maybe not but I found these gems of the Jonester getting down, rowdy, and just not giving a fuck at a Monster House show a few years ago. After watching these videos I realized how unnecessarily hard we would rage at some of these shows to soft ass pop/folk punk. I guess it was the 40's and blunts yo. But anyway if yall have the time please check these vids out I had to catch my breath a couple times from laughing so hard after watching Parts 1 and 2, Jones was prob. the happiest/drunkest man in the crowd this night.

The Jza and The Tale of the Seattle Squatter (Hipster Grifter Part Deux?)

Found these videos over on Neuman and Mattards blog, Distort and Destroy, of the only person I seem to freestyle with anymore, my mans the Jza of Kurt Russell and now Biff Boff Barf fame. The dipset studio session is by far my fave!

Also while I was surfing they bliizog I stumbled upon this story of the female pictured in the middle of the photo below. I am dubbing her the Hipster Grifter Part Deux(click picture below for link to story), those of you who have not met this young lady (and lucky you are as Yoda would say?) you may not be aware of her acts of moochery and could be the next victim, even us TiPsetGrifters have fallen victims to her ways of thievery. If your are not familiar with the original Hipster Grifter <--follow this link. Its funny and also sad how similar these two young ladies stories are.

(Credit The Black Cloud for photos)

Thread and Butter Update

So I got a hold of the recording of the monster house show. Rediculous. I can't tell if it's the music or Jownzy screaming, but somebody was deffinetly trying to force feed some kind of vicious animal. I'll try and get it up.

The 12oz Prophet "O RRY/IM IN UR...PICTURES" Thread

All these pics are stolen from the 12oz Prophet thread O RRY/IM IN UR...PICTURES, dont kno where the name originated from and these pictures dont really do justice to how random and hilarious some of the other photoshopped and real pics are. Found it out of boredom and spent a few hours geeking on here so check it out for yaselfs, and if you dont know about the Prophet, now ya kno.

New Fastfood Wars

Coming to a a video game system near you, I hopes they gots this on da PSTWO.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ten Mixtapes From The Year 2009

Lil Wayne - No Ceilings: Anyone who knows me can confirm that I have been a Weezyhead since Dedication 2. I mean that mixtape alone could have went platinum as an album. But with Waynes recent experiment with rock and autotune I have tuned out Lil Weezer for a bit. This release put me back on the bandwagon and will go down as a classic with some of other waynes past mixtapes.

Wiz Khalifa - Burn After Rolling: Up until a few months ago this guy was a no name to me. I read his buzz on the blogs but didnt take him seriously. Thanks to the homie M.Wortman this guy has become one of my favorites artists of the year, tho I didnt really dig his most recently released album, Deal or No Deal, this mixtape was prob. my favorite of the year.

DJ Drama & Gucci Mane - The Burrprint (The Movie 3-D): My cousin Corn is the only reason I gave this mixtape any spins, and the fact that the majority of the mixtapes I downloaded this year came from Gucci Mane. This completed my TrapRap fixin for the year.

Wale And 9th Wonder - Back To The Feature: After the Cunesta Negro posted The Mixtape About Nothing, I officially became a fan of mr W(H)ale. So of course I immediately went to the blogs to find out more about this guy, when I saw 9th Wonder of Little Brother fame attached with this guys name I was of course sold and impressed with the many features on the tape.

Drake - So Far Gone: Drake before he got his Young Money/Cash Money "street cred". I didnt hear about dude until a few months after this was out, but this is the Drake I became a fan of, dude is still solid and 2010 is gonna be a great year for him.

DJ Drama & Gucci Mane - The Movie Pt 2: More Gucci Mane of course, I mean he is the mixtape king of 2009. If you haven't heard the Movie Pt 1 then you are missing out, both mixtapes are better than any album Gucci has ever put out.

Raekwon - Staten We Go Hard Vol 1: Got this after OB4CL2 came out, and listen to this more than I do his actual album (up until recently). I think im gonna call this my 3rd favorite mixtape of the year, it made me a fan of the Chef again.

DJ Drama & Snoop Dogg - The City Is In Good Hands: Found this while looking for more Gucci Mane and was sold by the combo of Snoop Dogg and Dj Drama, if you have not heard this and are a fan of both please check it out.

DJ Whoo Kid, The Empire & Nipsey Hussle - Bullets Ain't Got No Names Vol 3: Downloaded this out of curiosity and didnt listen to it until weeks after I had it. But it was stuck in the CD player for over a week and made me a fan of this up and coming west coast rapper.

DJ Drama & Cam'ron - Boss of All Bosses: Cam has been the dude since horse and carriage days and this was one of my favorite mixtapes of the year, multiple car and club bangers on this.