Sunday, June 27, 2010

It Twas A Good Time...

Comfest that is, we always have high standards for the last weekend in June and I have yet to be let down. Glad I got to kick with all the homies new and old except for outta town crew members who we partied hard for....and Jones a little to hard.

The Diplomats– Salute

Jimmy, Cam and Juelz back at it (finally) Dipset Bitch!!

Just A Reminder....

Be safe out there....

Go Vuvuzelas!

This ones for Carles, and since the U.S. of America got knocked out im ridin with team Snow Patrol...a.k.a. Argentina and The Maradonnas.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dance or Die Comfest Afterparty

Tonight at Kobo formerly Oldfields on High, also or friend Sam of Maza Blaska and Karate Coyote fame will be playing with...Karate Coyote at Rumba, and OGee down at Du Amici for you hip hoppers....


U.S. of America vs. Ghana game is on now!

Best Coast

My taste in music has been up in down recently, from trap rappin bangers (BRIIIIIICKSQUAAD), to dance jams and soft melodic poppy joints like this group, Best Coast. Heard one of there joints on a mix then found it on youtube, randomly checked out a few other tracks and became a fan instantly. Its been awhile since ive openly enjoyed music like this but it is summatime and these are some good jams to enjoy with a lady friend.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Comfest 2010

Yes its back again so you already know the deal, after party at Circus with the homie Danny J (DJ Self Help) check it out youll probably here some of these jams....

Thats Phuckin Great!

Brody gettin ignant went the handsteez, wish hed work on that throw...polish with the random tag, and throwies all over town its sooo fun!

R.I.P Crackhouse

Though the last show was about a month ago ive been late on posting this. Thats right the Crackhouse is dead, the oldest and one of the original DIY venues in Columbus is no longer apart of the scene. I know Cune has been here back in the day, it was CreepShows favorite DIY spot when he was still in columbus, and the rest of the crew has spent many of nights raging out downtown in the grimey basement. The last show I went to my favorite thrash/metal band, Kurt Russell, played a sick set. It was also the first time I pregamed upstairs in the actual "dorm rooms" of the building, drank Jaeger and rolled a blunt for Jones, Polska, and the housemates. The homeboy Skumlife has been hosting a few shows in the parking lot but the building has been boarded up and only the memories will me remain when they tear it down in a few months....

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Bout to be out at Indian Lake deep hittin slopes and fraternizing with some old folks, I expect to hear atleast one Prince song and I hope its one of these...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Roc Marciano- Marcberg

I am really digging on this album. It's the perfect street-hop record in my opinion. Go check the review on Here are some tracks off the album that are in constant rotation for me.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Moral Tales

Tonight at Havana, sitting at my pops on the internet bored. Didnt get to swim today and dont wanna waste a friday night, if anyone wants to be cool and check this out with me let me know! They play songs like this....

Eat Da Poo Poo!!

Saw Rik posted this on facespace awhile back but never checked it out, then found it again on a new blog im digging FucknFilthy, check out this video and the blog both are funny.

Meanwhile on 12oz Prophet

LOLz are being had. Thought it was getting a bit serious on here so I brought some pics from a place where I get my laugh out louds...The 12oz Prophet Channel Zeros O RRY/ IM IN UR... PICTURES thread, check it out.