Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jay Electronica - Exhibit A (Transformations)

Still not hipped to this guy, but this was the first track I heard by him awhile ago and I am diggin it at the moment....


Its that time of the year Americans refer to as "Black History Month". Though nothing that I have seen or heard has reminded me of this. This month is the shortest, coldest, and least celebrated month out of the year in my opinion. I am not ranting that "its not fair" and all that jazz but I will share some of the most influential African-Americans/Black Americans in my life.

Malcolm X or Malcolm Little as he was born. I would have to say that when people would ask me when I was younger who my role model was I didn't have a clue. Maybe I would say the popular rapper at the time. But at my age I now realize that one male figure in my life that has stood out other than my Father (Happy Birthday by the way Pops) would be this man. I will present to you Exhibit A for any further questions.

The man above, Mr. "I had a dream", also known as Martin Luther King Jr. Few people know that he is a relative of mine (my fathers mother is his aunts daughter, which would make them first cousins). So at times I feel I don't show him enough respect by being more of a fan of Malcolm X and also by the way I chose to live my life. But hey in my opinion I am living his dream in my own way.

Few black men are in the position that Dr. Cornel West has enabled himself to be placed in. Respected by many congressional figures, as well as actors, musicians, comedians, athletes, etc. its inspiring to see a man of this age coming out of the era he was raised and becoming as successful and mainstream as he is.
Probably the most recognized black man on the face of the earth (besides Michael Jordan). Denzel Washington is one of the best male actors of today. Since his early films I have enjoyed and respected the roles that he has chosen to portray. Even with recent releases, he continues to recreate himself in new roles.
Pharrell Williams, also known as Skateboard P. Since he first emerged onto the music scene with The Neptunes I was a fan. They have put out some of my favorite tracks to this day, and worked with a variety of artist. With his band N.E.R.D. there first album helped me realize that the color of your skin doesn't determine what type of music you listen to. Mr. Billionaires Boys Club also helped me realize that because of my race I don't have to act, dress, or present myself a certain way.

Disaster Relief

Earthquake in Chile is devistating. This fact also affect other regions, like Japan. You may think "is this guy stupid? Japan is no where near Chile" but here, there areTsunami attack reports on all eastern shores (some on north and west) of Japanese coasts. There were Tsunami attacks before in History when Chile and other areas had a massive earthquake.
I pray for those who are there and hope everything goes good.

A day ago (I think) I found an very interesting web site. As an artist myself, I was looking for poses I can use as an sample for series of drawing I wanted to do. This website I found contains nude poses, and the photographer is self-taught (which surprised me). If interested, search for Igor Amelkovich. Anyhows, I am amazed by the photographers works and feel like becoming a fan.
March is on the way and I will be 22. I still have a month of free time to work on my art works.
First, I need to finish remaking the shoes for Kimono, and then make new ones. Second, need to finish low tables I have design. Then, finally, I can start the drawing project.
Would things go accordingly to plan? No, but I need to force myself to finish them before school starts.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Work turned in, Junior years grade work

Students attending each Art school must go through exam like other schools but it is not usually paper but what you work on and turn in is an piec(s) of work assigned to you or what you choose as a theme in order to move up a Grade. It is a promotion work to do. Its like a final project to turn in, for example. What I chose (Mine started from October. Each dept. start at different time at KSUA) was color as a theme. I really didnt had any detailed plans to where I want to go or to end up. So I started by studying what color is, color as an concept, RGB vs CMYK color, and difference between western and Eastern color pallet. Since I was lazy and didnt spend much time (also had issues that slowed me down) on it, more spending time on something else; it didnt go far. What happened next was to compare Japanese color pallet and modern scenery to see those color still exist in the very same place where they originated from. I had the result that some didnt exist today where as it did 1000 or 2000 years ago. Reason is that plants changed and the color of leave may of changed when expressed by paint or by dye, fixed to fit the beauty standard or how people saw it and interperited back then. In order to compare them, I collected colors from pictures I took.

So what next after making collections? Well, I made series of idea to use for visual design and city planning. Also I started to make colors I extracted from the sceneries of Kyoto and remade colors from the Japanese color pallet. I thought that the art of dying and textile was the closet aim to deepen the knowledge and feel the cultural definition obtained by combination of certain colors. What could I do with these colors? I pondered and came to a conclusion to go to a traditional things, for example expanding the work of Kimono. What is needed...ah I got it. Shoes.

When people were Kimino or Yukata, shoes are not worn. Just in case of some stupid people reading this; Japanese people do not wear Kimono every day. It is worn on special occasion or what not. Anyhow, traditioally, only nobles and Emperor/Empress wore shoes and others wore sandles. Sandles are cold during cold seasons, and it is more practical to have you feet covered. Also it is not a taboo for ordinary people to wear them. Snow shoes existed only for winter seasons but not usually worn for Street usage. The character for shoes, pointing a traditional one differs from a western one (i.e. what we all wear today, Nike, Reebok, Adidas...etc.) and from this, it is concluded that the meaning and usuage differs.

So I started by researching types of shoes worn backthen, and designed them and making them. This is where the colors I extracted were used after researching what each colors meant and was used culturally. Then what I did next was look for Kimono that fit the consept. The Kimono company that makes then nearby was kind enough to let me borrow them and even help me fit them to my modles and give me a place to shoot pictures. When everything was prepared, it was dark so we had to shoot it inside...

All the pictures were taken inside in a traditional room but it is supposed to be worn outside. This work was displayed on January along with tools I used and with a portfolio I made of this project. It was not popular, rather boring to some people. However, few people gave me a positive feed back. During critique, things were not that positive and other students where not drawn by my attempts. Their interests were at new, modern, and western things. School year ends at March. Febuary is the start of Spring break and for me, this project is not over.

Since this project what I am doing is remaking these shoes for traditional clothe, attempting to use the skills of pattering for Kimono in a new shape, and expanding the traditional clothe more for modern usage and praticality. So, here are some pictures from the project.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Spring is on the way and Valentines day has passed by a long time ago. People are watching the Vancouver Olympics and are hyped up about it...xD
Still, when people ask me "how are things doing in Japan?" I give'em a positice answer, (or try to be) but really inside I am thinking 'life is down the shit drain, like always'. How so? Still to this day, I look back at each day pondering about how I could of made my time worth a while and wondering why the hell did I do that, did I do this, did I do whatever. This is my bad habbit I have always had. I am not that happy with where I am at in life, but do not know where I want to be. Only thing that is clear is that being rich sounds good.
So, new school year starts in Apr., and the School made a stupid deal about the School system. There are alot of major changes that is going to take place. Already, KSUA has stupid rules and administration works and so on, but what I am afraid of is that things are definately gonna get strickter and stupider. I am sooooo fed up of the school and want to go to a better place.
For a long time, I have been planning to study abroad over seas to get out of this mess. The School in Ourense, Spain is a sister school of KSUA. Its been 2 years now that I have made a secret plan to go to Ourense. When I got things together, I finally told the Administration but they tried to stop me, (as I thought) and also gave me very negative responce. This was in October I believe. Only way for me to go is to take absence for a year, wich mean I do not get credit for and have to stay another year while paying the school while on absence. Another way is to go during break. So, the school is very passive about making the environment and the school life better for their enrolling students. But today, however, I have heard a very positive responce from the school in Ourense. For 2 min, I was the MOST HAPPIEST MAN on EARTH and felt normal again.
So tomorrow, I am going to print this mail out and show it to my teacher and staff in charge of Academic service, study abroad program, and Student Service. I will negociate to try to talk them into allowing me to go to Spain without taking absence. To tell the truth, its not gonna happen. I now it and I can say. So why am I doing this? It may be a waste of time but I need to fight this to make myself feel better about myself and atleast make a stand rather than being a kid who whines and mopes around at the possibilities that he didnt fight for or do anything about. By doing this, I wil be leaving examples for later students who will feel the same way. It is going to be my 4rth year at KSUA, and I need to feel normol...feel like I am surrounded by prinson walls, first you are overwhelmed, then you get used to it, and later, the school system and rule set you and you get 'institutionalized' to it. I dont wan to be like that. I already have shit going on in my personal life.
All my logs are not that positive, I know. So here are 2 good things happened to me this week.
Besides the positive responce from Spain, I finally bought an iPod (I've always wanted since it came out)! With all the financial shit going on, its like a miracle. Second thing, I am on break and doing whatever I want in the institution without people getting in my face. People dont usually rely on me or count on me, I am like a invisible man, present but not there. However, group of freshmen who are working on a competition(have done the same competition on my freshmen year) needs my assistance and asked me to help them on the day they will set their work in Maruyama Park located behind the Yasaka Shrine on Shijyo in Kyoto City. I felt like a regular, wise, and good human.
Oh, almost forgot. I am payed 3000 yen a hour to teach English (making better money than a Regular Cabaret Girl's hourly pay!!!), the same place that hired me to design them a Moe-Amulet. I will upload a sample of the Amulet. So, I am going to now make MONEY and save up to go back to Wor'town, that I dreamed of returning some day.
Did I skip things I need to mention? Agh well, some other day. (^o^)v

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Toilet Paper Rolls

Found these over on Inspire me now, these toilet paper rolls were flipped into something original by artist Anastassia Elias. Very impressive and creative art in my opinion.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Creep Show

Back up on my Trap Rap ish, yea it didnt last that long. But I did convert That Pacific Goon into a Gucci Mane fan with the tracks posted above, and with a little Nirvana thrown in the mix. Tipset Pluto Gang all muthafuckin day!

Little Brother Leftback Album In Stores 04/20/2009

This is supposed to be the last album from one of my favorite Hip-Hop/Rap duos, and I know they will "go out" strong. Below is the track listing for the album, credit The Smoking Section.

Little Brother – LeftBack Offical Track Listing

1. Curtain Call (Prod. By Khrysis)
2. Table For Two Feat. Jozeemo & Yahzarah (Prod. By Khrysis)
3. Tigallo For Dolo (Prod. By Khrysis)
4. Revenge Feat. Truck North & Median (Prod. By Khrysis)
5. So Cold Feat. Chaundon (Prod. By King Karnov)
6. Second Chances Feat. Bilal & Darien Brockington (Prod. By Denaun Porter)
7. Go Off Go On (Prod. By Khrysis)
8. What We Are Feat. Quiana (Prod. By Young R.J.)
9. After The Party Feat. Carlitta Durand (S1 and Caleb’s Who Shot JR Ewing Remix) (Prod. By S1 and Caleb)
10. Two Step Blues Feat. Darien Brockington (Zo’s Purple Suit With The Matching Gators Remix) (Prod. By Zo!)
11. Get Enough Pt. 2 Feat. Khrysis (Prod. By Khrysis)
12. Before The Night Is Over (Prod. By J.Bizness)
13. 24 Feat. Torae (Prod. By Khrysis)

Female Appreciation

They say the older the berry the sweeter the juice, or was it the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice? Whatever the case may be Stacey Dash is THE definition of a dime piece/finus/wifey material.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That Pacific Goon

Just got word that the brethren from the west coast, Crep TPG/RIP will be back in Bustown for a min. Looks like Them Party Guys bout to get rowdy in the street, its like The whole Pluto Gang was here like Cunesta Negro was here chea,chea, chea, chea, chea!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Congrats To The New Orleans Saints

While we are on the subject of the south, The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl last night so in my best radio voice "big shout out to them".

Why Waka Flocka Flame, Why?

A.K.A. Young Wild Nigga
A.K.A. Young Drug Dealer
A.K.A. Young Nigga Got Shot At The Car Wash
now I am gonna start off by saying I did not put down the Cobra for a bottle of haterade. In all honestly I have listened to a few Waka Flocka mixtapes and was aware of the nigga before all the hype. But what I am saying is that I hope this dread locked negro is not the future of southern rap. I know the kid doesnt have an album out yet and only one track has been catching buzz in the past few months. So will you ignorant fools that are calling this nigga (see video below) the future of the south just stop.

I remember when I was a young child and the future of the south was a rap duo pictured below. Back then the south, and I am referring to ATL rappers, really didnt look to have a future. Then Outkast came along and with them brought the Dungeon Family. These groups help to earn the respect southern rappers needed to be takin seriously in the rap game of the mid and late 199o's. Now I know the crunk era came in the 2000's and I guess that was supposed to be the rebirth of the south, but I am not even gonna acknowledge that nonsense. We still had rappers like Luda, T.I., even The Clipse if you consider Virginia the south and at that of course Little Brother. So what and who would be the face of southern rap in to next round?

Trap Rap, with Mr. Young Jeezy being the face of the original drug dealing music. I admit I was not of fan of the Young Gucci and Jeezy Mane beef creating track "So Icey". But after I heard Jeezers Trap Or Die mixtape the southern nigga in me would not let me deny the fact that Jeezy had a future. Which brings me back to my original point, the future of Mr. Flame. With Gucci being locked up for being an irresponsible nigga, and Mr. Flocka being shot up for being a flashy illiterate jewelry rockin nigga, are these niggas the future of southern rap? For the time being im gonna have to say yes. Niggas eat this drug dealing lifestyle shit up, and hey I may not be as ignorant as the average nigga but I do fucks with some of these bass heavy tracks. My point is that Waka Flocka Flame is a trend similar to D4L or Hurricane Chris. This nigga will get love from young niggas and hood rats but his rap skills will remain in the area of "whack w/no progression", so good luck to you Mr. Flame.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Trap Rap Or Even Close To It....

A few tracks ive heard around town that I dug and stumbled upon on the net. Also the next item I will be posting will explain why my taste in music has switched up recently so stay tuned....

Ice House Detroit

The Detroit Ice House is a project created by photographer Gregory Holm and architect Matthew Radune. I stumbled across pics of the house while looking at the random photos thread on 12oz Prophet. The two decided they wanted to shine light on the many abandoned homes in the Detroit area. This project may show people how you could turn a dilapidated building into something people can appreciate. Not only did the to men purchase this home and the lot, but also another home for a homeless mother and her children. Check out the Ice House Detroit blog for more info and updated news.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Future of The Ketchup/Catsup Industry

More evidence that we live in the future, this and the iPad....

Digital Underground - Kiss You Back

This song was my jam on the playground as a kid...

How Will Smith and I Almost Saved The World...

Since the rest of you chumps, except for Shonuff, have been slow on the posting I am gonna share with you all the tale of how me and Will Smith almost saved the my dream.

What started out as a typical night at the 4th Street Mansion (from what I thought) turned out to be an eventful 2 day mission. Mash liquor was all up in the mix, and I even had a couple L's rolled and tucked under my fitted hat. Swayne was there with Jaeger chillin on the shoulder as we baked out my room with the housemates and a few people that would not have been at 4th street at the time.

Then things started to get weird. Somehow the beer kitchen and the 2nd living room turned into a dance floor similar to the picture above. Funny because when we would have parties back at the mansion that 2nd living room was known for being the best room for dancing. More people showed up in the dream that I had never seen before at the mansion, and of course the night ended in the black cave w/Cune, Hungus, C.Powers, L.Blissencock, and a few girls I have met in the past few months chillin out to Pharcyde and Tribe Called Quest.

The next morning I am at the Water Treatment Plant painting a piece w/Brody and Phil Deez. As we are finishing up the production, which in the dream seemed dope, an earthquake randomly hits central Ohio. We are all confused and race back to Jason (who was ready to storm down the road) and bang out back to the 4th Street mansion.

Will Smith, of getting jiggy with it fame, is waiting for us back at the mansion. Why Will Smith was there idk maybe its because I had watched Independence Day a few days earlier. So big Willie Style explains to us that the earthquake we thought we felt was not an earthquake but that a meteor had struck down somewhere in Delaware county. So Brody and Phil decide that they needed more trees and went on a run while me a Will Smith went to get guns....
On the way to the gun shop, Big Willie Style explains to me that Earth will be struck again by an evil entity similar to the dead planet in the movie The Fifth Element. We arrive in future downtown Columbus that looks alot like Tokyo, Japan but completely empty...

There are a bunch of TV screens in future downtown Columbus, and on one of them we saw the image above. It was Katie Couric telling the world how we had less than 24 hours to live and showing images of the dead planet heading towards Earth, people panicking in the streets all around the world, and mad looting. Basically she said there was nothing we could do and that everyone should get with family and hide in your basement.

So for some reason Will Smith decides that we needed to join the Banks family in there Bel Air mansion. I dont know why I didnt ditch the plan at this point and head to somewhere like Vegas to enjoy my last hours on earth but Mr. Smith felt that we still had a chance to save the Earth. We arrive in Los Angeles and the city looks similar to the riots days after the Rodney King beating. Niggas running around with flat screens and ipods, which didnt make since cause them shits would be no good in a few hours. It also seemed like everyone spoke Spanish including myself.

Finally I came to in the dream and realized that its was just that a dream, and that this was all bullshit. So I decided to take Hilary Banks to the beach and end my days there. But as soon as I get outside of the Banks Mansion I am greeted by an angry Uncle Phil who tells me I cant take his Benz or his daughter, I then pull out the gun I acquired back in Columbus and attempted to kill Uncle Phil but that didnt work because before I knew the dead planet was in plain view in the skies above Bel Air and that was the last thing I remember. I awoke thinking that was the most detailed and intense dream that I have ever had and completely forgot about it until I had de ja vu while watching an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I dont know why I felt I had to share this with you all, but hey I hope you enjoyed...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

On To The Next One....

....Somebody bring me back some money please.

Get Sexy 2010: The Threads- All Saints and Pegleg NYC

In the year of our cynical lord 2010. Cune Pluto will be making a transformation, enter "Get Sexy 2010". I know it's really late to now be letting everyone in on the gameplan about getting right in 2010, but I had to keep some of this shit top secret. I cant have niggas jockin the steez before I get all my skizzles under my belt.

Get Sexy 2010 is exactly what it sounds like. Getting sexy for the year 2010 and beyond. I'll be shouting out and giving tips on everything from hygiene, working out, restaurants to take your lady friend or have a meeting, Clothing do's, don'ts, and hot labels.Cocktails to make in the home or order. Recipes for healthy eating and last but not least tips for the bedroom.

For the first installment of GS2010, I will be shouting out two clothing labels that are mos def the business for getting sexy. Pegleg NYC and All Saints. Two clothing labels of very distinct style and taste, and have nothing to do with each other aesthetically. GET SEXY PLUTONIANS!

Pegleg NYC: I've been on the bandwagon for some time now. It's a little pricey for what it is, but it last.
Known for their bright colors, geometrical graphic tee designs, and OSHGOSHBEGOSH styled shorts. This NYC label helmed by friends Harry McNally, Nick Poe, and Robert Waltzer, continue to define and re-imagine New York street fashion. Most of the garments are basics with a very colorful twist reminiscent of the 80's yet clearly contemporary and fresh.

All Saints: This UK label is clearly English, and clearly expensive. But who could go wrong(or bitch) about the durability and timeless style of their garments. I'm not a big fan of the graphic tees, but everything from the button ups to wallets has a "I wish a bitch would call me ugly" flavor. If you get your money right I suggest copping a pair of the "Military Boots".

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ughhhhh wat?

so here I am...its been a while. No pictures to up load today, like the ones Jigga has updated that are laughable. Where should I start?? Well, happy new years, it been 2 weeks in though. I had a large project to do, turn in one and have it displayed by yesterday. I didnt get far but I completed the deadline. There will be critique tomorrow at 11:00 am and I am in big trouble. One thing is missing and I may have grades deducted due to this one "piece" missing.
Apart from the real world, I am in a world filled with chicks I am interested in, and lest talk about that. There are...4? Like for ladies I have in mind. 3 of them are ladies I want to exchange my fluid and just that. Another, I just want to be good friends with. I have day dream about them but in the real world, things dont go the way I want it to go. I guess I am not a ladies man so I only have one choice: to suffer through this lust and desire.
no body wanna hear this, srry, but here it is. T'l next time....