Saturday, September 10, 2016

Exhibition "the 1213 experience;25/28"

August was stressful and busy, the first half was very stressful and the latter half was busy. I scheduled to have an exhibition at cafe green located in Gion area of Kyoto at the latter half of August mainly exhibiting works from 2013. I didn't think I'll be bogged down with preparation.
Works were packed little by little so I assumed I needed to organized unframed works and pack them. Just that, took me a while.
The name of the exhibition"the 1213 experience; 25/28" started on 8/27/2016 until 9/3/2016 7:30pm just a week.
The day before was scheduled for carrying in my works, unpack, and exhibit. My plan was after work eat dinner, leave around 10:00pm and carry everything stating the display. However there were still some things that needed to be done like framing, cutting a background paper, and making captions.

My new associate/partner came to help me out that night. I hoped that everything will go speedy but it didn't and we left a bit after 11:40ish to take the subway. I thought that I couldn't make it on time so I quickly decided to catch a cab.
Luckily we got one. 20 minutes or so of time to do everything was all the time we had; the cafe closes at midnight.

It took us a while to settle everything and hang everything.
The owner of the cafe helped us get everything in order and assisted me. Obviously it is dark out, the night was just starting at Gion area, and I missed my final train. The weather was good so I didn't bother walking back.

So here it is. I decided not to have a caption so people could see the works without any kind of guidance with free perspective. I only needed signs, my bio and introduction which I left for the following day, the beginning day of the exhibition. This day and the following day was really heavy.