Thursday, December 31, 2009

Albums of the Decade By Cune Pluto

Howdy 2010! So long 2009 and the rest of the decade! And what a perfect way to have a send off by looking back at all the great albums of the decade. I decided to give each year 5 albums, with links to Allmusic Guide for more reference. I hope some of you out there look at this list and go "I still bump that today!" or " I gotta hear that old shit now!". Happy New Years Every one, I wish you a good and drunk night!
P.s. I really cut some corners on this post...But fuck it, I got booze on the brain
Radiohead- Kid A( no allmusic review)
Danger Mouse- Grey Album(no allmusic review)
Kap Bambino- Zero Life, Night Vision(no allmusic review)
Wavves-Wavves(no allmusic review)
I hope I get some feedback on this one...Let me know if you agree or disagree, and show me something I missed

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Guess Whos Biizzzack....

Thats riiiiiight, (Afro)Americans favorite show will be returning to television with new episodes in 2010. The fellas over on The Smoking Section posted a blog which said the shows creator Aaron Mcgruder twitted about the shows return. Ive been waiting on this since I finished my season 2 DVDs back in october.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Diplo x Gucci Mane= DipMane?

Thanks to the homie Wes Flexner over on Donewaiting and the folks on Pitchfork, I am now aware that Diplo will be remixing some tracks from Gucci Manes Cold War mixtape series. Now I thought I was all Gucci Maned out but I finally got back on my mixtape grind and discovered a few dope tracks. Below is my X-Mas wish list that I would like Mr. Diplo to remix, tho some of the tracks are not from the Cold War mixtape series...fuck wit me Mr. DipGucci!?


Most of us have heard the album before, but these are a few cuts I been diggin as of recent thanks to the Boondocks. Does anyone elses taste in music change with the season, Cunesta Negro im pretty sure u said something like this before.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wu-Tang Clan: 3 Hip-Hop Classics For Your Day

For this installment of "3 Hip-Hop Classics For Your Day", I was stumped. How do you get the classics of the Clan down in 3 choices. It's been hard enough with the other posts, and I dont even feel like I did those posts justice considering it is quite redic to get a genre or sub-genre down in three songs. But for this one I am really having a hard time.The Wu completely changed the game. I mean 9 of the illet MC's on the planet in one group!? How do you choose 3 classics when for a time everything these guys did was nothing short of brilliant. From the debut album to the first string of solo releases they did everything right. So do I go with possee cuts, or do I go with their individual classics? So with this problem presenting itself to me( and what a problem it is) I decided to go with(in my opinion) the illest possee joints. These tracks may or may not feature the entire clan, but they get the point across. So with that shitty set up out of the way,lets get groovin!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tonight At Due Amici

Didnt make it out to Bristol last night cause my work life sucks, but Monster House was dope anyway and Thread and Butter did the damn thang as expected. Hopefully I will make it out to this tonight, will be my first time attending so finally I get to check out whats been good for awhile, doooo itttt!

The Clipse ft Pharrell - I'm Good

Posted this awhile back but its my shit for the night and at the moment!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tonight At Monster House

Bout to be a good time for sure, come out, donate, support Thread and Butter and Columbus DIY while having a funtime, do it!

Juse Half Dead/Droids

Juse of the Half Dead and Droids crews is a monster, this shit is b-a-n-a...this shit is just bonkers right here, its takes some heart to kill a spot like this.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Female Appreciation

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon, I know im late. So lets just forget that and make Rihanna The Official Pluto Gang Female Of The Year, the first pic above should be enough to earn her points. We already talked about how that RnB nigga Chris Brown fumbled on the goal line in the universe bowl and I now side w/the millions of people that feel this nigga needs a beat down for what he did to this fine female above. But babygirl did bounce back, and she bounced back strong that's why im gonna officially say again RiRi is The Official Pluto Gang Female Of The Year!

D'Angelo - Devil's Pie


Sister Nancy- Bam Bam

Been stuck in my head since Sweatin' at Skylab which was fucking dope, you might have heard this song in the movie Belly.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bobbi Humphrey - Harlem river drive

This type of mood right now....

West Coast Rap- 3 Hip-Hop Classics For Your Day

I know I know, I been missed a day or two. But I think this post will really keep you warm in these dreary winter days. So fuck off if you're bitching about this post comming late. For this installment of "3 Classics For Your Day" I decided to give the left coast some love. West Coast Hip-Hop is the second most important style of rap music to ever come out. The West Coast is so much more than 2Pac Dr. Dre and Snoop. The West has given so many contributions to Hip-Hop that it is impossible to count and for this post very impossible to dwindle down to three choices. So for the genre of Hip-Hop that dominated the early to mid 90's I have made my choices based on: National and international appeal( I'm givin a shout to cali really, so fuck the radio), not relying on the East Coast template(meaning this is only a sound you can identify with California), and to be quite honest...My own personal favorites.

The West Coast genre of Hip-Hop was something very special to all heads in the sense that it gave us something not the norm. Hip-Hop being dominated by the East Coast almost made it impossible to be takin serious by someone NOT from NYC, and made it possible for cats from all over the country and world to make their voices heard without a Dj Premiere beat. Case in point being the explosion of Southern Rap, which quickly came to the top of the game after the West Coast had it's run.So with that shitty set up out of the way,lets give love to the coast that
made being a pimp cool, the coast that toldus "Fuck Da Police", the coast that let us know what the fuck a Blood or a Crip was, the coast that gave many of us in 95... A hero! Lets get this thing started!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friday At The Monster House

Just a reminder... This friday, 12/18, 9:00 PM, Monster House! $5!
The night will feature performances by these wonderful bands:
Laura Stevenson and the Cans, brooklyn ny,
Girlfriends, boston ma,
Thread and Butter, outside your window
Spooktober, athens oh,

Again, if you haven't seen the recent complaints on the DIY board, everybody needs to be
donating. Please, if you come to the show, give donations. These bands will simply stop coming back if no one gives. I don't want to get nasty, but some people feel that attacking others is the best way to promote donations...whatever. Just thought I'd put the word out so all this bitching and moaning can stop. Thanks.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It Makes You Get Yo Freak On!

A clip from Bamboozled. A very underated Spike Lee Joint

For the Women and the Bitches: 3 Hip-Hop Classics For Your Day

For this installment of "3 Hip-Hop Classics For Your Day" I'm givin a shout out to the Bitches and the Ladies. Contrary to some popular Hip-Hop lyrics, bitches and women are not the same thing.

I dont feel like giving an explanation or on this subject because if I have to then your fakin' the funk. All yall bitches, women, sluts, queens, bust downs, mothers, child support seekers, ho's, ladies, gold diggers, and down ass bitches... Know who you are. This is for yall.

First I'd like to have Jeru explain to yall what I'm really gettin at, Then Pac is gonna give respect to the Mammas, and we'll close it off with a track for all yall ho's!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

War 4

The entire War 4 film, check it out, makes me want to get out now!

Tonight At The Legion Of Doom

I have not got my rage on in awhile and have yet to see Godeater so this should be a good show, also after this is a party at the Crack House where Thread and Butter of The Pluto Gang will be gettin down on some tunes so check em out yalllll!

As Well As Drugs....

Because they bad...and no one likes a hypocrite.

3 Hip-Hop Classics For Your Day: Jazz-Rap

So the first installment of "3 Classics For Your Day" had no theme really except that all of the tracks came out in the 80's and they were all from debut albums. So this time around I decided to give this trifecta of dope a theme...Jazz. Yeah I know I said that I wouldn't be really listening to Jazz this Winter season, but I can't deny the huge influence that it had on Hip-Hop. As a matter of fact my earliest memories of Hip-Hop come from a time when Jazz-Rap was the Alpha and Omega in the game. I didn't know who John Coltrane was when I was 7 years old, but I knew who Digable Planets was.
There is so much out there to choose from in this specific genre of Hip-Hop so if you have a favorite that aint on the list(and I'm sure you do)let me know. And with that shitty set up out of the way lets get groovin!

Friday, December 11, 2009

3 Hip-Hop Classics For Your Day

I'm a very seasonal music listener, and when the Winter season starts to rear it's ugly head I tend to listen to more Hip-Hop/Rap music then anything else in my iPod. Now I know alot of you are asking "Rap music? isnt that more of a summer type thing?". And my reply is "Fuck no...What? Should I be listening to Shoegaze, maybe Jazz perhaps? Naw... Fuck that son! I need to keep my head bobbin to stay away from the cold(Metal also works very well for this)!". So I am going to be dropping 3 Hip-Hop classics each day(that is if I get online) to bob your head and keep warm while out in those cold and dreary streets gang.
We'll start this off with a hallmark track from the Boggie Down Bronx, then give The Native Tounge Crew some love, and to finish it off take it to 88' when Hip-Hop was breakin heads and I was breakin gums.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Leave Tiger Alone.....

Throw out the old saying of "I am Tiger Woods", the media is destroying this man. With the recent news of Tiger getting into a "mysterious" car accident outside of his Florida home. Also the many women coming forward claiming they had an extramarital affair w/Tiger this guy is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Honestly I'm tired of hearing about this man. Growing up as a Tiger fan and being able to see him play at the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, OH, I felt like I knew the guy. Now the media is trying to paint a picture of this man as a good guy on the outside and scum bag on the inside. The dudes over at The Smoking Section put it best, the man was just hungry for some lovin. When your rich and Cablinasian like Tiger you can get any women you want, and I think Tiger realized that too late in life. Now you cant say that his image as a "black face" to the media didn't have an effect on how they viewed him and portrayed the story. That's what annoys me the most about the situation and the fact that they wont leave the man alone. The only thing good to come out of this situation is this gem posted below....please leave my former idol alone.

No Tiger noooooooooooo.....

So, Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize today after only a year and a half as president. Damn, he's good. And just after sending 30,000 more troops to war?
No, seriously...
This dude means business. He does in one year what would take any mortal a lifetime to achieve.
Congrats, score one for the home team!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness f. MGMT & Ratatat

Diggin on this track and the video...


New New

Okay Okay Okay, dont know why I keep saying Okay so much, maybe its cause I did listen to Dedication 2 recently, but we gone try out a new layout for the bliiizzzog. If any of yall got any ideas, suggestions, sketches, whatever leave a comment or let me know. Cune I know you had some ideas in mind, im tryna find a layout to match what you were goin for but this will work for now.

Raekwon - Staten We Go Hard Vol 1

Okay...its been a min since I been on the intranet but this is what ive been bumpin lately a.k.a. current grinding motivation music. I feel out of place and/or wrong for posting this w/out listening to OB4CL2 even tho the nigga Cune posted a review of the album awhile back and I thought most the tracks I heard from it were dope. This been in the CD player since I put it in the other day, and ive had the CD for about a month now. Decided to listen to it out of boredom/lack of cable television and was surprisingly satisfied. Like most mixtapes I share with yall be your own judge and check it our for ya self, click pic for link. Staten Go Hard is one of my top 5 fave mixtapes of the year and thats saying alot considering weeks are only left in this year. This time I included a few tracks from the tape that im diggin, fucks wit em

Tuesday, December 8, 2009