Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Album of the week: ¨Awe Owe¨- Helado Negro

I must say. This is officialy my shit! this album is so good to me that I am going to completly forgo any kind of a review and just do what I need to do for all of yall. If you need any help in getting it download winrar to extract the file. If you have any trouble after that let me know.

Monday, September 28, 2009

DJ Drama & Gucci Mane - The Movie Pt 2

Been busy with work and bein jocked by lames but this has been in the CD player of the chevy since I burnt it. Anything DJ Drama or Gucci Mane related I will be posting so fucks wit it, and click the picture for a link to the download.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dance or Die Tonight

Dance or Die tonight at Oldfields on High with my doods DJ Self Help and DJ Barticus. This shit has only been in Columbus for a few months but it had a huge buzz in Athens and its been poppin ever since it hit our city. Come to this or fucking stay home and be bored.

Tonight At Monster House

Couldnt find a flyer for the show tonight but it looks like its gonna be a funtime/rager. Monster House is what turned us Tag Paint Gangsters on to the DIY scene in Columbus, its also the only house to host our crew band, Shredded Lettuce. Tonights bands will be:

Warm Hands
Churches Burn
You’ll Get Yours

Shows starts at 9pm so be there and then go to Dance or Die!


Tonight at Du Amici, something always seems to come up and I never make it to this but its sounds dope.


This movie is for real underrated, probably one of my top 5 favorite movies. The intro is just so fuckin ill plus the track is fucking dope and fits the scene so well.

Ghostface Killah-We Made It

This track is dope and I feel like us TPGeniuses are on our grown man ish. I been usin that alot, and livin at what Brody likes to call the reincarnation of the 4th street mansion makes me feel old. But we just on some new shit not that ignorant childish shit we used to be on....kinda.

Ghostface Wizdom Of The Week #6

Found this over on 2dopeboyz. Anything Ghostface affiliated I will be posting cause thats my nigga.

Joe Dirt

Watched this movie the other day at the Pluto mansion. I forgot how funny it is and how often I quote lines from it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sweatin' Tonight At Circus

Pre Game at my spot, Party on 19th, Sweatin' at Circus, After Party at my spot...sounds like funtime? Come fucks with That Phresh Gang, holler(in drunken Jim Jones Voice)!


The Isley Brothers have been my shit since I was a pre-teen rockin jordans and fresh waves. If you dont know bout em better ask ya mammy or somebody!

Big Boi ft. Andre 3000 & Raekwon - Royal Flush

Heard the buzz on this track but never really peeped it, but I digs. When the fuck is Big Boi puttin his album out?

Female Appreciation

Katy Perry....I mean she kissed a girl and she liked it. I kiss girls and they like it too, and yea I like it too, and like the young money click yea we like her too!

R2D2 Video Game Console

Also stole this from The Grip. R2D2 trash can was cool, but this shit is a game nerd/nerd nerd/geekers dream toy. Peep the dreamcast...Virtua Tennis anyone?

Street Art By Blu and David Ellis

Ive seen something like this before but this shit is fucking dope. Rollers are fucking fun, if you have never done/used a roller do it. All the space/paint/time/talent they have makes me wish I could do this shit all day. But they can so here it is, there is also an older video too, found this over on The Grip.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Independents Day/Maza Blaska/Karate Coyote/Skylab

Last night is a perfect example of why I love Columbus, OH and will probably settle here when I start making babies. Independents Day is a street festival held once a year on Gay st. between 3rd and High st. This was my first year attending, and I will mos def. be going back. When we arrived Brody and I immediately took a shot of Wild Turkey at TipTop Bar. This set the mood for the night and left a warm feeling in my stomach. We then proceeded to check out Aaron Hibbs attempt to break the world record for consecutive hours of hoola-hooping at the Shelf/Skylab. Next we got to check out my friends band, Maza Blaska. With the amazing Sam Corlett on vocals Maza Blaska is an alternative rock group who are also my friends. They are awesome and its definitely different knowing members of a band somewhat personally. I met Sam and guitarist Yoni thru the Brodester a few months ago and I know they are really great people and am glad to have them as friends. We then went back up to Skylab to check out some tunage and refill our drank cups with booze. Skylab resident who I only know by John was spinning a screwed version of "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John that was stuck in my head all night, he then proceeded to destroy an 80's big screen television pictured above, sadly I forgot to take pictures of the result but it looked fun. Next we got to check out Sams other band, Karate Coyote. This was prob. the highlight of the event for me at least. Karate Coyote is an indie/pop/rock group from here, Columbus, OH. They are fucking dope, I wish I took pictures but Columbus' city hall was right behind there stage and it really reminded you that you were in the heart of downtown Columbus. It was obvious the majority of the crowd was in a great mood and Sams awesomeness along with her soulful voice gave some goosebumps. We had to leave early due to cats wanting to get rowdy at my new spot, but I was glad to be able to check out both bands and the Independents Day festivities, now one of my favorite local fests. The rest of the night consisted of hanging with some wo-town cats at my place, random skate session with Polska and Swayne, going back down to skylab for a rowdy dance party, another stop and shot at TipTop, rowdiness in the streets of downtown Columbus, Swayne being belligerent to the point where he is hanging out of cars(lol), and introducing Jordy Clark to houndogs pizza. Seriously weekends like these make me not want to leave this city, I love the midwest.

Little Brother

I can post tracks all day from this band, Little Brother. One of my top 5 favorite rap/hip hop/music groups/duos of all time. So many headbangers, this is what southern hip hop is about. Outkast set the mark and these cats came correct.

Jamie Foxx/Doug Williams?/Little Brother

Found this over on The Grip, I ususally dont care for random stand up clips. But Jamie Foxx is one of my favorite comedians and this was too funny. I also found where Little Brother got the intro for this dope track below. On the real who is Doug Williams?

Why Do People Come To Columbus?

Well now we know!

Ghostface Killah- Stapleton Sex

So I posted the teaser for this a few days ago, well heres what I think is the full video and I digs.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dipset In London

This shit is hilarious, I remember when I first saw it I shared it with all my Dipset fanatics. I would recommend checking out the other videos

Shredded Lettuce at Skylab Tonight?

Krusty Karl will be playing at Skylab tonight at 10pm, the thing is other members of Shredded Lettuce will be in the house. This could potentially turn out to be a Shredded Lettuce reunion, we will see.

Gucci Mane - Talk Of The Town

With the hate I have been receiving recently this is my current anthem. If I were not me, I would probably wanna be me too!

Tonight At The Summit

This is one of the newer events to hit the Columbus, OH nightlife scene. I met Cashola at Sweatin' last friday and he did end his set with a Gucci Mane track, ive also heard CJ spin at other events and he did play one of the crews anthems, so we will be checkin this out later in the eve.

A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight

Ive been slow on posting due to me moving into a new place but this has been my mood recently. At least the night is always on my mind, I have not gotten to sleep before 3am since I have moved into the new place. Cune this place may rival the 4th Street Mansion you gonna have to come back by next summer!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cune Pluto Song of the Week: Black Silk Stocking by Krisma

It's not the full song...But you get the idea

I Guess Were Not Crazy After All

You know as well as Cune knows. The money arround the world is controlled by a very select few(no not the jews). For a long time it was all speculation, and conspiracy theroies. Well my fellow Plutonians the
numbers are in.
According to a study done by phyisicist out of Zurich, Switzerland the worlds finances are in the hands of a few mutual funds, corporations, and banks. And you know as well as I know, you cant argue with numbers,The only true concrete thing in this universe. The funny thing to me is that all the control really lies in Anglo-Saxon based countries..... Sorry to get personal, but why cant black people be in the select few who run shit in this fucked up world. Either way,black or white this is fucked up. It really is true that our money is controlled by a few white guys( with a sprinkle of brown, yellow, and black dudes).

In other news concerning the NWO. At the U.N. conference on trade and development, it has been sugested that the world uses a global currency. Well I dont knoe what to make of all of this....So I suggest you make up your own mind on these things... But for me. I am beggining to suspect all is run by 4 people.

Analog Brothers- Perms Baldheads Afros & Dreads

This is a dope ass track from the Analog Brothers. For all my perm niggas, all my dread niggas, all my afro niggas, and my baldhead niggas. This one is for you

Fashion Cosign: Michael Jordan 60+ shoes

Damn them shits is hot!! The people over at Jordan shoes has brought to us a fine pair of kicks combining the elements of the shoes MJ wore in a game he scored 60 or more points in his career. I'm jumpin on the bozazk as soon as a nigga gets paid.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sweatin' Tonight At Circus

Sweatin' is back tonight as usual to give us something to do on a friday night. I will prob be rollin nigga deep down to this so it should be a fun time.

Dj Drama & Cam'Ron - Hustle

This is my headbanger joint foshosho ridin in the chevy sideways wit the seat back just gangsta leanin no blunt in the mouth...but for real this is my shit. Rick Ross also makes a cameo on the track, fucks wit it.

Zem IOK Spittin That Knowledge

Zem IOK, posted this lil message on Omnimix. Him being a former philly resident and worldwide graffer knows his shit. Here is what the man/mtyh/legend had to say:
anything you put around you tag is for a reason.
listen up kids....
arrows are used to tell what way you walking on route.or to point to a writer you respect.faces can me you happy sad angry express a moodlittle quote marks around you name top and bottom are called boggiemarks.its to keep people from crowding your print.a halo or circle above or around your tag means your high.the star and piece sigh can mean that if your in enemy linesand dont have beef you show it.
take notes.

Taggins Phun Guys

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tonight at Circus Bar and Bernies

This show looks good, I heard the cat Busdriver is on some nerd antisocial rap ish. But thats only he say she say and its always worth a listen in my opinion. Also a friend of mine Kevin Shannon is playing with his band The End Of The Ocean at Bernies with a Cali band as well. Then after party at the Kickball crib, if anyone is down to check this shit out holler at a player.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cam'ron- Bottom of The Pussy

This Nigga Is Silly!

Talk Sex- Can The Penis Hit The Baby During Sexual Intercourse?

Well now we know the truth, I guess Crep and Corn were right and I am no longer against having sex with a preggers female, where dey at?

Chris Brown On Larry King Live

As previously reported by the Cunesta Nigga, Chris Brown Fucked Up! Lets see how this lil RnB nigruh trys to fix his image. Cause nigga it looks like yo career is all types of over, on some Pacman Jones ish.

Da Lego Spot

Found this over on Nerd With Swag. Would you live here?

Ghostface Killah- Fishscale Tracks

One of my top five favorite rappers, plus the combination of Raekwon and Ghost is jus redick. The first two tracks, Beauty Jackson and R.A.G.U, are my favorite off the album.

The Dangers of Marijuana, Texas: A Field Study

This tale begins on one fateful July eve, on the open road back from Austin to Houston. Life was great and the air smelled sweet, as rock music was being burned in the CD player on full blast, and everyone was having the time of their lives, or at least we THOUGHT we were. As we passed through a town called La Grange, we were pulled over for speeding. The cop who pulled us over seemed like a nice guy. Someone I'd want to be honest to, someone who wasn't known for completely fucking me in the ass. Yet. He searched our car on suspicion of marijuana, and I bit the bullet and told him it was mine. I was then handcuffed and sent straight to jail without at least passing go. The meals in jail were horrible. They had a wonderful way of looking completely tasty, until you bit into them and realized that they were either made from inedible materials, or someone had intentionally cooked this food wrong. I was treated like a low-class criminal. They would shout things at me like "You're on a path to self destruction, Boy!", and "Look at how pathetic you fucking look right now!" To make this a little more real to my readers, imagine someone spitting insults at you with an accent that sounds exactly like Early from Squidbillies. They all sounded like Early. The cruel irony is the fat police officer closest to my cell doors would hit his whiskey flask harder than his wife. And I'm the criminal for having a gram of weed? I think not. After having been released out on bail, I patiently awaited my court date and lived life to the absolute fullest. I was now carefree on bail, and nothing could hurt me.
That is, until I got to court. I rose and sat, and waited and waited in an over-sized button up shirt I had scrambled to find at 7 in the morning because I had lost all my court clothes the night before in a glorious drunken stupor. Court had taken all day, and I finally recieved my judgement. I was to be put on probation for year, go to Rehab, do community service, pay 1300 dollars in fees, And write a 2000 word essay on the dangers of smoking marijuana. While I talked to judge he reminded me that smoking weed would soon lead to me doing cocaine and end up dead on the street. Where does this grossly misinformed education come from? He might as well said if I enjoy beer I'll love Crack. He also reminded me that my tattoo was a disgrace against god and that I shouldn't mutilate myself in the eyes of my creater. I would've killed for a time machine to go back in time not to not get caught with the weed, but instead get a tattoo of motherfucking jesus on my arm, so I could've been like judge, I love jesus WAY more than your pasty white, godfearin, racist ass. Don't smoke weed kids, if you're in Texas. Otherwise toke up my friends.

Ghostface Killah- Stapleton Sex Teasor

Found this over on Nah Right. This nigga, Ghostface Killah, will also be in town October 20 at the Newport Music Hall w/ Galactic. That is a day before my next court date so looks like I will fosho be checkin it out.

The New Natty

I had this for the first time last night. They sell them at certain Bodegas at $2.99 for a six pack. It tastes way better than natty, maybe even the pibber (PBR). I am now a fan....for now, hopefully it wont be like my Black Label stint.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hyper Viper

This^....= Hyper Viper!
Fucking Dooooo iiiiiiiitttt!

Tonight At Last House On The Left

Yep its time to fucking raaaaaaaaaaaaage...Locusta + MF Gnar= headbangers ball! Im fucking geeked I think this night requires a Hyper Viper.

Lovely Eggs and Monster House

Last night General PG, Polska One, and the newest and 2nd female member of the Too Phly Gang, Ellaface a.k.a Wifey, went to the the Monster House to check out what I thought would be an acoustic show. PG and I skated the alleys of campus and drank 40's on our way to the destination. When we arrived monster house was popping off... I mean there were alot of people there. I immediately went straight to the basement where I found a cute blonde with a British accent holding a guitar. When her set started Peege and I were all smiles. The Lovely Eggs are a British 2 piece indie rock band from Lancaster, UK. They have a Wiki page so im not gonna rant too much about them. But they are fucking dope playing electric and acoustic tracks, as well as using a ukuele for one track that M.Davis would have dug. After they set I tried to hit on Holly, the vocalist/guitarist, only to discover that she was married to her drummer, David Blackwell. They are an awesome couple and really nice people, they offered me cds and a shirt which I regretfully forgot to grab. I was so satisfied with that band I didnt even give the other bands a chance. So we proceeded to party, drink wine in a suit jacket, and do philly hand style tags all over north campus, it was a funtime.

Lil Wayne- Kush

Just discovered this song...yea im late but im in this type of mood ya digs?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sho Kuroda A.K.A. ShoNuff TPG

How can I move the crowd? Well Shoe Kuroda couldn't tell me on one drunken night. But the newest/oldest member of the Them Punks Global set has been putting in work since most of have known him. Having met Sho in middle school I knew the kid was talented in some way but back then I didn't understand how talented he really was. Now as a man attending school in Kyoto, Japan Sho is still putting in work as an original artist and I am glad to include him in our collective of Truly Prolific Geniuses.