Monday, September 27, 2010


Paint fumes got to me so a few heads were left out, but shouts to the crew hope everybody is doin well and still reppin That Pluto Gang.

Last Week In Charleston, SC...

The beach (of course), king cobruuuuuh (of course), tag slayin, slope hittin, whiskey drinkin, rooftop party crashin (literally), pickled egg eatin good times. Last flick is of the "Half House" as we dubbed it at the corner of America and Reid Streets, the text on the building reads "The Afro-American has become heir to the myths that is better to be poor than rich, lower-class rather than middle or upper, easy going rather than industrious, extravagant rather than thrifty, and athletic rather than academic".

Gallery 80 Columbus St.

A few flicks from the Gallery 80 Columbus St. show from the other night, last pic is my fave which was done by the homie Matthew Forman. I feel bad for not knowing who are the other artists but I was too caught up in graff life to socialize with the "real artist", anyways come to Charleston if you wanna get the info yourself, and if your here there is another show next month which should be a good time.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mike and Mike Vs. Appalachia America

Recent facebook update from M.Davis....

"What's up party people Bearhug here checkin in from norwhich vermont. Had a great time at Derpmouth Uniderpity much love to the Phi Delts, i love pong. So i got a phone, she's a real butte so give me a ring i'd love to here from you. Blazin my way to nyc to see the fam and friends for all spookes day and then onward Style. I love and miss you all. Check out this mtn bra to the left thats my inspiration."

Again looks like the boys are doin well, and from a few other flicks ive seen partyin hard and makin us proud.

RT vs. KOC Graff Life Battle at Gallery 80



Though I am affiliated with both crews and im trying to stay unbiased (for now), I will give it to the KOC heads for having a complete prodo with matching themes, colors, and characters. The RT heads did do there thing and I was impressed to see that writers down here do have original styles and for the most are all cool individuals or typical graff kids. I will have more flicks up from the show at Gallery 80 Columbus St (represent) soon....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Willy Mac Photography

Some off the nigga Willy Mackangelos amateur photos with the local crew. Homeboy is on his skate and photo grind, and im tryna follow suit (atleast on my photo grind, skate is takin some effort) also peep the homies from round this way the Down To Burn cats blog at DTB LOT holla!


Everyone knows in the game of graff life your gonna have your duplicate names, and crews our just as common. But TPG UK or Trains, Pills and Girls as they go by are heavy weights over in Europe. Now we are not affiliates with them (yet) but when I first discovered them in some Euro graff mag a few years back I was kinda salty. Then I realized there is nothing wrong with having a crew name thats been used, even more so if its original such as ours. In the future if they keep things alive over that way maybe we can combine our forces, until then we are TPG America, The Pluto Gang that is.....

Drake-Fancy Feat. Swizz Beatz and T.I.

I barely hear the radio since I dont have it hooked up in the Chevy, but I occasionally hear it while riding around in my girls whip. After hearing this track above I officially relapsed on commercial rap....well not really but I did get that "new" Drake album and was satisfied with what I found. Lyrics were better than what I expected and he of course had many RnB joints that were on point. This track has been my fave and it takes me back to nights at the Nuthouse with Cune, and more recently missing random nights at Ugly Tuna or any other campus spot that would play the current hip hop jams to the masses. When I get back to the city I am hoping I can make it to Get Right, until then I have to settle for places called the "Purple Tree", we will see....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

updates on the projects: Kimono motif vest and drawings

The typhoon has been striking Japan and the southern area's experienced something that is not pleasant. Due to this, My working hours for the parking lot has changed and went to work around 12:00, and did the routine before actually working. Not much people showed up only 3 people. While I awaited, I hand stiched the back side of the vest (fabric that I lacked, I stiched pieces together to make one sheet to work with) and wrote some more on the emputy pages while contacting some people for an workshop and making appointments. Mainly I was free but was not able to get that far on art work. After work, I stiched the front side and the back side together, and now the main front part of the vest is near complete. Just have to actually sew it together and finish the rear. I also spent time scanning images I have drawn. This image is a raft sketch of motifs taken from Art nouvou and Kamon patterns. After scanning, I was fighting with the computer to make everything even, editing, and other sorts of things. Tomorrow is a full day, starting from the morning to 4:30pm. So what I could do is draw more, finish the ring design, and write more if I was not distracted like today. I maybe able to finish painting my shells I has brought back with me from Galicia, another incomplete projects to do. So much to do. Here are uploads of in-process works...boring shit

Monday, September 6, 2010

the ordinary daily

Still on summer break because other holidays and vacation days cut off from the school schedule due to reconstructing and reforming the building. I spend my days at a new job I got as a parkinglot attendent at Toriimoto, and the other job as a teacher. If I dont spend the money, I think I can save up a pretty good amount, plus during the workhours as an attendent while I wait for people to park their cars and pass out tickets, I can read, write, sew, draw, and do other sorts of things/projects that I intended on doing during break.

Since my schedule is limited on doing art work when I am not working, I dont get that far ahead. For instance, I bought a linen pants that didnt have a back pocket so I spent like 3 days sowing the fabric I taken off from other pants onto the pants I have bought, and sowed the second line to make it sturdy. All of this could of been done in one day but no. With other thing going around and limited time because my time is based on my flatmate's work schedule. Whenever she gets back is whenever I stop doing what ever I was working on. The fan I am painting has taken total of 3 days, started in mid July and finally finished the base and sanding the bamboo in late August.

Today, I was able to copy some art' nouvo designs and able to construct motif's I will be using, for the fan and other projects I have, and also made a raft drawing for an clothing design I had in mind. The entire thing will take another weeks to finish drawing down idea's and another month to actually construct the real thing. I also ironed an fabric I will be using to make a vest I am preparing as a gift for a friend. I have another thing going on, finish the ring design I am doing before the 10th of September...that is THIS WEEK! (Also have shirt I made in Galicia but need stiches on few places and its is not done yet!)

So much to do, and only one body. I wish I had a sewing machine that actually works, an storage/studio of my own, and two more bodies. Well, I can do the vest and the ring design during work, and get paid doing easy job, how exciting! The best is to move or get my flatemate to move out but that aint really practical...I will go through many fights and misunderstandings and its really bitchy. So here, is what I sewed on, and some incomplete projects.