Tuesday, August 31, 2010

These Is My Spots...

The Recovery Room is the Ravari Room. By that I mean it has filled the hole that has been missing since I relocated to Charleston. The hole that was missing is a bar I can go to and run into a bunch of people I know, drink beers, play a few games of pool and go on to the next bar, party, home or where ever the night takes me. Even though ive only been in town for a few weeks I have all the above at this bar as well as the bar below...

AC's is the typical college town bar from my experiences. Ive been to a few others in town that were similar but they were very crowded and drink prices/selections were weak. This bar is open, has alot of space and 3 pool tables which is a plus for me. When ever Those Phucking Guys from Ohio, or where ever decide to make the trip down south we will prob be hitting these bars fosuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.

Dave Espionage

Ive been fuckin with Dave Espionage since I discovered one of his mixes over on The Grip. The mixes he makes are what my boy Willy Mac and I dubbed "mood" music. It can be a pregame for the party mood, cleaning up the house mood, road trip mood, or my favorite chillin with ya female mood. But whatever the mood may be I own a big thanks to Dave for intoducing me to a wide variety of "dj mixes", since I will prob be posting a few more dj mixes on here I might as well start with the one who got me hipped....click here for a link to a few of Daves original works as well as some of his Dinosaur Espionage joints.

Monday, August 30, 2010

awful or not?

August is almost over and Septmenber is on the way, but in Japan it is still hot as hell and feel like mid-summer but the air is a little Autumn-ish. I know it doesnt no fucking make sense, but it is the way it is cats. I got a short-term job, a part time, as a parking attendent in Toriimoto Historical SceneryProtected area. Thats cool and easy but the pay is not good, but for the easy labor, its pretty good. It depends on where and how you take it I suppose.

I still feel awkward in Japan but able to take it like a self consuling and notice things about me that I rejected many times. Thats is life so far. I also have been spending money for personal shit. I never was able to do much of that because I have to feed myself +one more but now I am not doing that that much I have some amount of money to spend for myself. No one is bitching at me so far and its all good.

I have two packages to send to friends in Spain but worried how much it will cost to get it sent. Hope it aint too expensive.

On the news, I am keep on hearing earth quake reports and afraid that the mega-quake theory that scientist has been saying may become a reality. In short time span, I think the occurance is very very dense. If more and more is heard often like a daily routine, then I am fucked or scared, whichever is the best fit for the situation IDK. Some people profit from disaster while some people dont. Scary thought.

Kay, well enough for the day and gonna head out try'n to organize life a little

see ya

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sifer TFC

Being from Columbus, Ohio I realize how spoiled we are when it comes to dope graff writers, and this guy above is a prime example why. One of the dopest writers to come out the city with style, Sifer is also one of my top five faves. I would rant about why but the pictures speak for themselves.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flickr Us.....

Ive had a Flickr account running and ive been posting alot flicks I put on here that ive collected from all over...if anyone has any photos they want put up just post em here on the blog, and check out the photostream here...

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's been a long time.

Why hello my fellow Plutonians! It's me that nigga Cune. I know yall are looking at me thinking "This nigga..This nigga right here goes doesn't post shit for the gang, starts his own blog(which has been just as neglected I might add) and comes on to make a post like everything is peace?!". And yes I am making a post like everything is peace. I still rep TPG to the fullest which is why in the next month or two I will be posting the first TPG tattoo. But for now I thought I would just do a couple of posts highlighting the music I have been digging on for the past 2 months, and later (when I get the pictures) let yall in on the parties I have been attending(at one I gave Nas of "I made Illmatic and knocked up Kelis" fame dap and watched Q-Tip spin some monster jams.).

As always it all starts with the jams for me. And as the resident Jam master of the gang(yeah I said it!) Here are the tracks that have shaped the past couple of months for me. I hope you all enjoy la musica and forgive me for being a bad gang member. I hope this makes it up.

These Is My Jams...

Some jams im bumpin...

Mike and Mike VS. Appalachia America

Recent facebook update from M.Davis..."Mike Davis reporting from Monson Maine, Ive got 118 miles under my belt and have scaled 7 or so mountains encountered bears, moose, eagles, a naked hiker and a man with goats. Life is good my feet have all sorts of blisters but im taking a 0 to recover love you all and thanks for the support - BearHug"

Im proud of the homies, and fuck the doubters/haters I got faith these men will make it to Georgia so we can party down in the AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Just look at the determination in they faces....epic.

Jessie (Jay Jay) McKiddy

^Self Portrait
^"Curious Cat"
^Self Portrait

The homie-girl JayJay a.k.a Willy Macs Wifey a.k.a. the graff life sister girl of Charleston showed off some her talents to me and the homie the other night. The last two pieces are for sell so if interested leave a comment....

This Weekend In Charleston, SC...

I guess you can say ive settled into the south quite well. Im definitely running with the right crowd of people (graff life browe) but its the variety of the group (foreign people are fun/ny) that I appreciate thanks to the dood Willy Mac who has been my guide around town. Ive found dope beaches and tasty beer thats cheap (tho I miss my $2.99 ginny sixers) and a nice chill spot. The day after Get Right at Skate Naked was held (and yes I am a quite a bit salty I missed that) the homie Willy, the homegirl JayJay and I went to the North Chuck (Charleston) skate park for a competition/party that was goodtime and made up for the fact that I wasnt able to Get Right with the folks back home. The rest of the weekend saw a tropical storm warning, me cooking fish for the first time, my girls birthday celebration with her moms in town and a piece session at my chillspot, the complex. This weekend gave me the confidence that the decision I made to move down here was worth it and there are gonna be many great fuckin times to be had in the south that I will post up here.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Its been like what, a month and a half since I have returned and I have been drinking at least a can of alcoholic beverage everyday. Three days ago, I went out with my boss and couple other people, got myself drunk as hell on a emputy stomach, then drinking 3 glasses of Whiskey following that and threw up+passed out. The next day was like hell and what I was going to do the following three days where screwed up due to my inmature drinking behavior. I went to the hospital to get it checked, because it was unlike any other times I have experienced and first time passing out annoying everyonem my internal organs hurting as I walk or reach for something, hard time breathing, throwing up until I pass out again, no memory, and things of that nature. I get an IV and feel better 4 hrs after being checked the next day but still hurts to walk and sometimes breathing is hard. I think I have damaged something I really should not of, and wished that I can tolerate alchol more like my friends do. I forgot I am not like those Galicians and took it like they would, so I was dumb. But, I am still alive and recovering, be able to type, talk, eat, swollow correctly, and stand up.

Tomorrow, I am going to get an foot masage from an therapist I know, knowing she could reverse bad fluid and other shit like that through her knowledge of accupuncture if I get to see her. This, is a big deal and WTH!

So while recovering, I sewed a bag for a modle sword I have bought a week ago and took pictures of the bag with the sword. I have uploaded the same deal on my Facebook, along got an idiotic comment that "can I get the same thing at Walmart?". The guy is trying to be funny or stupid? I know Walmart sells ammo, but can I get a future wife at Walmart?

Swords are not common now, and never was back in the old days, only and some people had them; for the reference if ya people who are looking at this was idiotic and wondering.

Chao, todos

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lone- Endlessly

This is my shit, as soon as I get the net at my house im posting the mix where I found this track...Cune my nigga I think youd dig this track for sure!

Stuff Ive Found In The South...

Montana Cans
Icehouse Burbans
Snake Juice...
32oz Snake Juice (I need the other 8oz)
Big Fuckin Beaches
Big Fuckin Trees
and my pet lizard, Pluto, who happens to live on my porch rent free. We dont feed him or nothin nigga just likes to hangout.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back Down Memory Lane

Took a ride up the good ol 4th Street before I left town and realized I had a deep connection to the street. Exactly 4 years ago today we were prob. raging at the 4th street mansion which was the first "apartment" for all of us and the house that molded The Pluto Gang. Cune and I held our first office Jobs or "real jobs" off of the street which was located behind Kevin Kurgis office. Bodega north and south are still in business and I would visit both whenever I was in the area. Spent many, many, many , many nights driving drunk up this street from Skylab, the Crackhouse, Last house on the left, or anywhere in the Short or Downtown. Probably one of my favorite one-way streets if not favorite street in general, and fuck Summit Street, 4th Street all mutha fuckin day.

Mike and Mike vs. Appalachia America

The Mikes are hiking the App Trail and according to a facebook update they have made it out of Maine, M.Davis was supposed to email me updates to post on here but knowing the kid I doubt thats gonna happen here is a recent facebook update from M.Wilson..." is about to wear ridiculous clothes for a free beer before painting a porch for free food and shelter. The A.T. is definitely not what I was expecting, much more fun." I feel like a sports announcer so this is where I insert the "sounds like a funtime, you kids be safe" line. Party in Hotlanta with Boston (Austin) Texas when they complete the trail, AY!!