Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jones TPG

The homie Jonesy a.k.a Pass Out Mcghee has been puttin in some work on the roller and canvas tip. They Paint Gold!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dance Or Die: Part Tre

Minus some hate, this weekend looks to be one of the best this summer, and it feels like its starting to wind down. Tonight is gonna be fuckin dope, Im gettin drunk in a suit with Jonesys girl and her friends at some Short North bar, and im gonna be the only other dude. Then tonight is Dance Or Die at Oldfields on High, this shit is gonna slap harder than Ike on Tina...ya dig. Pregame is still at my bachelor pad come get down with ya boy.

Three 6 Mafia- Ridin In Da Chevy

Cause Thats How We Does It........

Project Pat

I been fuckin wit PJ Pat since the mid 90's. Dude says some of the funniest shit and is prob the best rapper from Memphis and The Hypnotize Camp.

Lil Bow Wow Now With Young Money/Cash Money

Bow Wow announced via twitter that he has signed with Young Money/Cash Money. This track is alright im impressed with his flow...kinda still have a hard time takin some shit he says serious. The video is also kinda corny nigga rappin indoor with shades on tryna be emotional. Im not hatin I do dig the track, we will see what happens in the coming months.

Will Smith and Nintendo

I want them shoes niggas, also check out this Nintendo site game nerds.

Alex Queral

These are a few pics of the work by Alex Queral found on The Grip. Dood began using old phonebooks as canvases and has been doing this for the last 14 years. True talent is displayed in this guys artwork, as well as creativity and innovation.

Just Ignant!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Offical TPG fashion cosign: Mishka

Everybody(excluding bums and lames) knows that being fresh to def, is a staple of the TPG way of life. That is why I, Cune Pluto, Will be giving an official TPG cosign to Mishka Clothing. Mishka is an urban clothing company based out of Brooklyn,NY, and specialize in dope clothing, and accessory graphic designs. I first jumped on the bozack about 3 years ago when they put out one of the best t-shirt designs in the history of man. Since then their clothing has been a staple in my wardrobe, and I suggest you make them a staple in your wardrobe too. You can find Mishka Clothing and accessories at their website, which was linked above. Or if you live or find yourself in Brooklyn, check out their store at 350 Broadway ave, which houses a Street Fighter 2 arcade machine. You can also find them online at Digital Gravel . So if ya wanna be fresh like us Pluto Gangsters(and I know ya do), get ya paper up and buy some Miska!

Sweatin' Tonight!

Sweatin' tonight at Circus/High Five, we will be gettin down with the get down come holla at ya boys.

David Goes To The Dentist

First time I saw this I almost pissed my pants, its still pretty funny and check the remix fosho.

Spaceport America

Dave Chappelle said it best "That's right Mars bitches, red rocks!" or something along those lines. But this shit proves we are one step closer to the flying car and I guess the future. Spaceport America is gonna be a launch and I believe landing pad/port for future space tourist. It will be the base operation for Virgin Galactic, red rocks mahfuckas.

Thats Why I Fucks Wit Burger King!

Cause even Ronald knows whats really good...ya smell me?

Gucci Mane feat. Young Joc- Peep The Swag w/Lyrics

I know most people think Gucci is not a lyricist...and your right but the nigga Corn a.k.a my cousin and I have been clownin at work by reciting Gucci Mane lyrics acapella. I think we have scared quite a few white people, and I have been told by my boss to take my job more seriously.....riiiiight. This was my cut for the beginning of the summer, these niggas is stooopid.

Gucci: 3x its Gucci mane the weirdo with brand new material like Jamario jamario i go hysterical

(Hook 3x), when u peep the swag tell me what u see, grade A hustler certified G

Gucci/Joc: its Gucci mane the weirdo with brand new material like Jamario, jamario i go hysterical serious delirious im rapping like an idiot i left it locked Joc killed this sh** so icy be ????? a certainly, certainly please believe i murder beats its Joc and Gucci mane out here chasing currency.. im pretty sure you've heard of me youve heard of me youve heard of we these haters wanna murda me .....currency a Chevy very burgundy with oscar seats a plain P, master thief from 93 and these haters are sick of me look at B coercing me these copy cats rehearsing me you look for me ill be on Myrtle beach where the purple be

(Hook 3x)

Gucci/Pacman(Joc): first of all i stand a little more than 4 feet tall i aint scared to brawl pacman came to ball smoking my weed and sippin my lean high as a plane okagees its gucci mane the worker bee so sick in the booth its quarantined yeah i walk with a waddle bump with the guava chop models kickin it with gualas Gucci Mane is socrates hey man hear's my philosophy gucci u inspire me skid marks where my tires belet hit the block and drop the top and look at the astrology cool check out this camaraderie, we just hit the lottery you can not find no hotter 3 matter fact no hotter beat its gucci pacman J.O.C. hoes eat us up like vitamins my ????? were thin so icy .......

(Hook 3x)

Gucci/Joc: like rhyming with the pokadots im rapping so un orthodox,they say im slightly off my rocker hit you with them hydro shockers`and no this aint a fairy tail but im riding with Goldy locks check my pockets holding knots im riding in a stolen drop and u just love security but you are not a robo-cop you play me like your robo-cop ill murk you in the parking lot please believe we holding glocks yall ni**** soda pop soda pop yeah i sold a pop im payin out the nose for guap

We Is In The Streets...

I recently discovered that my blackberry curve takes awesome pictures, and it helps im an amateur photographer. My boy CREP TPG/RIP was puttin in work I aint even know about, and that fool ASLO creepin on a come up, wed rather bomb than paint a piece cuz Them Punks Grimey! If you not wenner you

Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Evening At Water Treatment

This was prob one of my favorite paint outs at the Water Treament Facility. I have been best buds with this place since an accidental discovery during the winter of 07', that place has molded me into a harcore tagger bruhs....but seriously everyone I take there falls in love with the place. This is the second time Jonesy and I painted this piece and it came out rather proper like I would say. Rollers are fucking fun and so is drinking 40oz outdoors.....TRICKS PEEP GAME!!!!

Camron - Boss Of All Bosses Gangsta Grillz

Finally got a full listen of this, and yes Killa Cam is still my nigga. This shit has not left the cd player since it popped in, and I will still be bumpin this in the chevy when you see me ridin down High Street, fucks wit it!

Dance Or Die Is Famous!

Dance Or Die, ya know that dope dance/party at Oldfields on High right across the street from my pad thats only been goin on in Columbus for 2 months.....was recently featured in the news. Im lookin forward to this saturday this shit is gonna be off the chiizzzaiin, pregame at my bachelor pad maahfuckas.

Female Apprecciation

I have weird taste in women...sometimes. But I think Kim of Matt and Kim is fine, and Tegan and Sara have their moments and I dig they bad they is dykin.

Gucci Mane- Gorgeous w/Lyrics

This been my cut all summer, peep the

[Hook:]I keep on hearing voices tellin me to ball So I keep on buyin porches My watch like a portrate gorgeous All white forces and they gorgeous Gorgeous VVS diamonds and they gorgeous Your girlfriend so fine shawty gorgeous Your girlfriend so fine shawty gorgeous Gucci mane la flare my flow is gorgeous Gucci mane la flare my flow is gorgeous

[Verse 1:]My flow is amazing hottest in the nation Ice game super stupid but my money game crazy Have you seen me lately diamond chain baby Earrings cost me 80 blowin purple hazey Stupid crazy placement shinnin diamond necklace Check this balance that my bank accounts are pregnant Whip game different drive way sickenin Gucci mane trippin my watch game ignorant First name get some last name business Stage name gucci code name chilli Pocket so fat it kinda look sillyMy flow so perfect 12 bars so pretty

[Hook:]I keep on hearing voices tellin me ballSo I keep on buyin porches My watch like a portrate gorgeous All white forces and they gorgeous Gorgeous VVS diamonds and they gorgeous Your girlfriend so fine shawty gorgeous Your girlfriend so fine shawty gorgeous Gucci mane la flare my flow is gorgeous Gucci mane la flare my flow is gorgeous

[Verse 2:]White girl with me white girls love me A black girl dream but chinese girls know me Gucci mane club holdin bad hoes only Bad hoes want me it's all eyes on me I never lay lonely I ball out daily I stunt hard nightly diamonds shine brightly Watch like thunder chain like lightnin My ring game scary my pinky so frightenin Jelwery man special retard ass stonesI think I need to leave his old retard ass alone My bracelet are enourmous my diamonds are humongous It's gucci mane the martian and everything is gorgeous

[Hook:]I keep on hearing voices tellin me ball So I keep on buyin porches My watch like a portrate gorgeous All white forces and they gorgeous Gorgeous VVS diamonds and they gorgeous Your girlfriend so fine shawty gorgeous Your girlfriend so fine shawty gorgeous Gucci mane la flare my flow is gorgeous Gucci mane la flare my flow is gorgeous

[Verse 3:]Show time my time your time our time I shine she shine so bright the he blind I'm high we high we all have the low eye Is gucci no bow tie no three piece I'm P.I. Wrist look like christmas my ring look like july Your jelwery is a looser I think mine need a cooler Wrist look like christmas my ring look like july Your jelwery is a looser I think mine need a cooler Gucci

[Hook:]I keep on hearing voices tellin me ball So I keep on buyin porches My watch like a portrate gorgeous All white forces and they gorgeousGorgeous VVS diamonds and they gorgeous Your girlfriend so fine shawty gorgeous Your girlfriend so fine shawty gorgeous Gucci mane la flare my flow is gorgeous Gucci mane la flare my flow is gorgeous

Rage Against The Machine

A couple tracks by Rage Against The Machine, I used to bump them hard in my Abercrombie and Fitch days.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chris Brown....You fucked up nigga!

Yesterday(for me today) in the City of Angels, That gay lookin dude in the picture above(and pop/"R&B" star), was sentenced to serve 5 years probation and more than 1,400 hours of "labor-oriented service" for an ass whoopin on Rhianna, that would make Ike Turner proud. First off I would like to say... This is another case of niggas with money who act dumb as fuck...the most recent nigga who got sentenced being Plaxico Burress. Niggas with money just cant seem to get it right. I mean c'mon you got money in the bank and Rhianna on your shoulder. Then you want to act dumb, and beat the bitch. And apperantly this wasn't the first time the two had gotten into it. According to CNN, this nigga shoved her into a wall in Europe(the bitch did slap him tho...I might give him that one). Then 3 weeks before he almost went O.J. on her, They got into an argument in a car...This nigga stopped the car, then proceded to break the driver and passenger side windows. You wouldn't expect the dude holding the puppy above to do some nigga type shit like that would you?

I hope Rhianna has learned a lesson from all this. But in my experience chicks who date violent niggas always come running back for another ass whoopin. "He really loves me...I just make him so mad." will be the headline after ass whoopin number 4.

Smif n' Wessun- Shining....Next Shit

This has been mah shit for some time now...For all those who dont know... Smif n' Wessun is one of the greatest duos to ever come out of Brooklyn...And one of the greatest Rap duos of all time. For all those who havent heard their mid 90's classic "Dah Shinin" I suggest you slap yourselves right now and immediately afterward pick up that album.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Babes on Bikes

Is not a porno flick(that I know of). They're my new favorite people to watch. I don't know how to make that last statement less perverted, so I wont try to. But anyways I'm seriously stopping in my tracks whenever I see some girl coming down the road on her vintage road bike with a basket on the front. I mean I stop in my tracks whenever a good lookin girl comes anywhere within 30 -40 feet of me...But these babes on bikes are killin regular bitches now days. Regular chicks cant do this of type shit, I want a girl like that. So from now on it's only you bike ladies that will get CunePluto's attention...And model ho's...

Holy Smokes

The new album by Dudley Perkins, is positively the shit! I'm not going to go on and on about the album...I'm only going to say you should pick it up and bump this track

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Them Punks Grimey

Im glad to see contribution on the site from you other TPG's. Lets keep it up doods I likes what we doin here. We still need input from our Athens, Austin and LA factions. Let me know if yall got any question, ideas and/or any other input. Tricks Peep Game!

Ultravox!- Maximum Acceleration

This was my cut last summer, still a dope track.

Donnie Darko/Tears For Fears- Head Over Heels

I remember hearing this song in the movie Donnie Darko and I dug. I would also suggest watching the movie more than once if you need to.

Royal Oak Bar

My friends from Brooklyn told me to check this bar out when im in town, Royal Oak Bar. I heard they have $1 mini drafts and that is right up my alley. Steele Malone I suggest you check this place out and let me kno whats good.

The Tuttle Park Show and My New Friends From Brooklyn.

Last night was awesome as usual. There was a show down at Tuttle Park that featured Haywire Desire, Bad Blood Revival, and Stupid Party. I showed up in the middle of Haywire Desires set and was almost mauled by a dog...kinda not really. They were sick and their vocalist/guitarist, Britt, is also a member of Rag Rage formerly Panty Hearst. I then left to pick up a few TPG's to bring back to the show but was stopped by the noise my new friends from brooklyn made. Bad Blood Revival are a fucking dope grunge rock band and really friendly people. I only got to hear one song sadly but it was enough to literally make me stand still in awe and put a huge smile on my face. After returning I arrived just as Stupid Party were packing up which sucked cause I was looking forward to hearing them. I notice some merch the bands had and met Carolina of Bad Blood, she is a sweetheart who hooked me up with one of they dope shirts and informed me that I will be the only person in Columbus, Ohio rocking it. I also met some of they friends/roadies, Joe and Chris who I will be linking up with on future trips to NYC because they are my doods. They invited me over to the Monster House where I drank PBR and they purchased $60 of el Budweiser, clowned about dogs, social networking sites and my job in corporate america. We then went to a party/shindig at 14th and 15th as they called it, right behind the 4th Street Mansion. On the way Nate, Carolina, and Chris enjoyed a nice ride in the back of the Chevy which I believed was their first, and Johnny of Stupid Party was excited at the sight of a raccoon, I love ohio. The rest of the night consisted of drinking, clowning, lots of talk about music, a 40 year old women sexting me, stories about touring and seeing famous people in Brooklyn like Mos Def and Matt and Kim. I also got to talk with Britt of Haywire Desire/Rag Rage who hipped me to some all female punk bands and hooked me up with some of they merch. I was sad to leave my new friends but it was 3am and there were still people partying in the hood so I proceded to do drunk tags and bump Gucci Mane on my way to the next destination, all in all it was an awesome night.