Monday, March 28, 2016

Went to Vietnam on a business trip

Hey gang, how you all been doing? It's been a while since the last update...
I live in Kyoto, Japan since spring of 2007 and still live here. I work at a warehouse of a wholesale department handling military surplus, remake goods, and replicated items since 2013.
Once a year, the manager of the Dept. And manager of retail dept. Goes to Europe to get handled items. I usually make all the phone calls and send mails before departure to set up a schedule. I only do what I am told and nothing more. I also am part on oversea shipment and such because of my ability to use English.
Being a man who handles oversea area of the work, my boss knows very much of my skill.
IDK if all my work paid off to this, I was asked to go on a trip with my boss as an interpreter. I can't talk much about what I do, and what I did on my business trip, but I'd like to post pictures of the trip.
It's a very big thing for me because I felt I moved up a step at the firm and a exciting life event.

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