Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Need/Want A Bike!!??

Ive been debating the pros and cons of the choices I have when I decide to cop me 2 wheels to get around on. The skateboard and campus is not workin for me anymore. A bike would be more reliable and I could get places I have never gone on a skateboard!? Not so much but the only thing about bikes is that I dont know which style to go with. The 10 speed was the last bike I owned and im leaning towards it at the moment because its basically all I need, a bike that I could ride long distances comfortably. With the fixed gear I am only debating because of style points, not for the hipster look, but I think they are the Audi of the bike world. But ive never rode one before and they are pricey of course. When I was younger I had a BMX bike that I tricked out with pegs and thats about it. It would be fun cause its the "skateboard" of the bike world, and I could hit some curbs like I couldnt/wouldnt do on a 10 speed or fixie. Help me out people on what bike you think we would be the best, your opinion probably wont do much but hey im just throwing it out there.

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