Friday, June 25, 2010

R.I.P Crackhouse

Though the last show was about a month ago ive been late on posting this. Thats right the Crackhouse is dead, the oldest and one of the original DIY venues in Columbus is no longer apart of the scene. I know Cune has been here back in the day, it was CreepShows favorite DIY spot when he was still in columbus, and the rest of the crew has spent many of nights raging out downtown in the grimey basement. The last show I went to my favorite thrash/metal band, Kurt Russell, played a sick set. It was also the first time I pregamed upstairs in the actual "dorm rooms" of the building, drank Jaeger and rolled a blunt for Jones, Polska, and the housemates. The homeboy Skumlife has been hosting a few shows in the parking lot but the building has been boarded up and only the memories will me remain when they tear it down in a few months....

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