Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hey guys, my stay in Spain is over. I returned to Kyoto on Sunday, about a week ago. I had no success in uncrosseing the legs like some of you has thought I would do, well I am bad at that but instead, I had success in winning the trust from the local people. I left Galicia on June 21st from Santiago with this complex feelings that I could not explain or describe in words and arriving in Barcelona, trying to figure out where I am heading with this journey. I had 10days to get what I could get out of this oppertunity. I made so much friends in oneday than I usually do in Japan in Both Catylan and Galicia. I really want to return someday, to Spain since it was physically and culturally closer to USA than Japan. I met some really cool Americans while I was in Barcelona, few UK and Aussie's and other nationalities. I guess I do better in the west than the east.

After returning, everything felt complicated and weird that I am speaking my own language more often, and sometimes having a hard time adapting. Anyhow, here are some pics!

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