Sunday, July 11, 2010

Its Official...

I am now the official TiPset Gang diplomat of the south. Posts will be slow for a few weeks but I am asking that the rest of you fools get back in action. I wanna take the blog back to its original intention, which was to share whatever music we are all diggin at the time (im lookin at you Cune, Brody, Thread and Butter, and T.Hamen) as well as sharing pics (Crepface), events, dope videos, funnies, lolz, and whatever you find interesting and wanna share with the crew(Shonuff). Ill be posting alot of music mixes/mixtapes from many diff. genres so I hope yall do the same. Lets get this ball rollin as we have had this blog for about a year, be safe fellas and stay in contact.

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