Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wow it's been like...several months since the last entry?
The last four month of my life was crazy...
September; three things started to nail me.

I finally was able to save up a certain amount I set myself to do back in 2011(executed in 2013 when i  got the job) and now happy, thought that I will be able to spend my money on art more. I was looking forward to financial deal. However, I started to feel uncomfortable around my waist and back. I later found out that my body has accumulated stress to a point that it made me uncomfortable doing regular routines at work.
I was busy trying to produce stocks for an coming art market and organizing exhibition dragging my tired body. My body was in bad shape and I had problems. Physically I was in stress and to get this taken care of, it cost me. Twice a week I go to a chiropractic and pay for check up and another fee that the insurance does not cover.
Next thing was labor bereau. A colleague who got fired from many reasons but mainly from angering an senior at work, decided to go visit the labor bereau. Being simple he is, he asked my boss to tell me to call me after work, the day he got fired. So my boss speculated something was going on. He could of just called or text me instead of having a third person pass on a message. Anyway, He wanted me to get involved to testify because he said his testify cation of harassment by the senior will not be valid because he does not work at the firm anymore. I met this guy many times and discussed what to testify, how to, and organize the unreasonable things at work. It was good at this point but he pressured me to visit the bereau with him rushed me get a day off. There was no need to go together, we could of went separately but he stated it will be "invalid testimony unless someone who is still working at the firm comes" the colleague promised to testify all the harassment and pressure I experienced in detail.
We went together but he did nothing and I ended up doing all the talking. He didn't testify anything, instead started to shoot down my testimony. The bureaucrat who was in charge of us started to advise the colleague who got fired ways to shake the firm to get the point across and may get a settle. Hearing about money, the colleague changed his attitude and started to speak. I felt that this was a waste of time and took me nowhere. I could of went to work that day instead and made money but I didn't and it got me nothing but a waste and guilt; now I need to hide this fact I ratted out on the company.
The colleague didn't put any consideration of the position I am in and started talking things I didn't want him to and also after leaving the bereau was totally open. Anyone can sight us together and I was worried, he wasn't.
Until this matter settled down, I was sandwiched between the firm and him, his selfish action to gain money, not justice be done(the original objective). The same time, the senior who's been giving me problems threatened me. Stressful it was.
One less person, now I needed to adapt to the new system which brought an overseer and routine. Things changed and I could not freely do chores. There are pros and cons after the colleague got fired, cuz he wasn't really good worker to begin with. Good part is I didn't have to stress out about his work attitude, his issue becomes my fault, and listen to idiotic things he says. The positive side was we started to become a good team and things started to go smoothly. Now, there is none of this.
October came and I was still tangled in this while finding ways to make stocks for an art market coming up. The colleague started to contact me to get me to work under him. He started his own store. I doubt he could pay the first salary. He still haven't paid me my design fee and consulting fee.
Then, I got a disease that stalled me. The kikuchi's disease.
Financial problems were still dragging one, spent more money of medical fees since the disease, mentally stressed, physically stressed and tired, and the disease kept me a delightful time of suffer.
Things started to get better, but I now have to solve this financial problems and look for a new job if possible, which is another stress. It ain't easy to find one at my age, my position of working pattern, and the history.
So that is what's been going one. I may have to stay at the firm for another year to study for license, save money for the day I quit, and earning time of work experience. But time, is a limited factor to fight.

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