Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The plutogang - now

Hey ya, how's it go in'? It's been nine years since I left OH and last time I spoke to any of the members in person. I wonder how everyone is doing these days, and if everybody is linked as the 'plutogang' those time that we were hanging out was very fun. Good times.
I was invited to this beautiful circle back in '08 ( I think it was) and I knew that some of us were updating things on here. Then, it became just jiggabrah.
He's been updating things keeping this blog going. I left off after losing internet connection and picked up sometime last year. During then, jiggabrah kept the place going and stopped by the time I came back-now it's just me. I think everyone is busy.
I don't want this group to disappear so I will do my best to write when I can.
I sometimes think how everyone is doing. I am still in the same places, haven't moved out of the city or the country, having ups and down now and there. I can't believe it's been nine year. I would like to visit OH again.
World, here I am still alive trying to live.


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