Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The 3rd and a half week in Spain

Whats up, gang. I am in Galicia...for those of you who dont know, its a part of Spain, located in a north west area. Anyhow, I am staying in Galicia according to schedule until the 23rd of June. I dont wanna go back 'cuz I feel at home and back to my old self again, besides all the racism shit I get I like the place.

I am in my third week stay in Spain and still did not learned the language yet, so I have hard time meeting new people. Since I was kicked out of Spanish class in middle school, I have some disadvantage...Why the fuck they kick me out for a dumb reason, I dont know. Anyhow, I am staying at a small city called Ourense in Galicia, EASD the school I go to to study.

I have not done much there but I am enjoying my time, while suffering a cough. I dont know where or how I got this, but I do know that I got it the day I arrived in Ourense. The city is fucking cold and not a gradual change, sudden change of climate, and now I think I have it because of it. I got like 3 meds over the past 3 weeks and didnt help me. I am on my 3rd one, and lets hope I am good. I joke around that I have TB, 'cuz I have the cough more than 3 weeks, losing apetite, night sweat, today I experience chest pain after series of rapid cough, and fatigue is going down hill. If it was true, then next week I will be like Okita Souji; coughing up blood in a foreign land!

I made friends here within 3 days, like it was easy. People are polite and nice, they try to speak English to me, when I am supposed to be trying my ass off speaking Spanish to them. It is not typical for them to speak English; rather Galigo or Esponal, and maybe other language or two. Students who visited Japan over the past 3 years attend EASD, so I already had friends and thru them, I met alot of people and met more people thru their friend. I also met people at class and became friends with them. In Japan, it took me a week to make friends on my first day! Also the culture is similar, and people are similar, physically closer to the US that I am having a blast. People who heard that a student is coming from Japan Imagined a normal everyday Jap. was coming but when I arrived, they were spooked by the fluent English speaking short Asian who talks, acts, and pronounce Spanish like an American. I never noticed this, until people mentioned this to me, that I am very different from any other Japanese they have met. Also, I talk alot, Mucho, and people think I am funny...vs in Japon, I am never this popular! Since there is alot to talk about but it'll take me a while, I will go ahead and upload a picture or two on this bad boy.

Later! Hasta Luego!


  1. glad you having a good time im jealous, hope you fell better bruh

  2. oh and grope some spanish broads for me that would be the coolest!