Saturday, May 29, 2010

Charleston, SC and Back to Ohio

Back from another trip to the south w/my chick and just getting settled in the OH-10. The ride down was cool but West Virginia sucked to drive through, Virginia was boring even with the mountains, North Carolina was by far the most scenic. As for getting into South Carolina, my lady took over the wheel somewhere outside of Columbia, SC around midnight. I proceeded to pass out since I had driven from WV but woke up an hour later in the middle of nowhere SC. My girl is trying to pump gas at a closed gas station at 2am, realizing we are out of gas and have to wait for the station to open I decide its a good idea to rest here, while she freaks out over noises she said sounded like chainsaws, people whispering and the Jason call (chchchchchch....hawhawhaw). The station opens a few hours later and we proceed to Charleston the final destination. We arrive there around 7am rode around town, went to waffle house and checked into our hotel. I was really shocked at how much I liked the city since I expected a dead southern coastal town and got a lively college town with a southern vibe. Most of the weekend was spent checkin out various beaches, alot of time spent hoppin around downtown, cruising through the many islands on the coast, and eating out at whatever place we found interesting (Sweet Tea is very popular in the south and Bojangles had the best imo). It was a bummer to leave the south and my girl behind (since she is stationed at Charleston AFB). But since the town is probably gonna be my next home it wont be long before im back down. Most of the pics above were from my BBerry cam so enjoy.

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