Wednesday, September 8, 2010

updates on the projects: Kimono motif vest and drawings

The typhoon has been striking Japan and the southern area's experienced something that is not pleasant. Due to this, My working hours for the parking lot has changed and went to work around 12:00, and did the routine before actually working. Not much people showed up only 3 people. While I awaited, I hand stiched the back side of the vest (fabric that I lacked, I stiched pieces together to make one sheet to work with) and wrote some more on the emputy pages while contacting some people for an workshop and making appointments. Mainly I was free but was not able to get that far on art work. After work, I stiched the front side and the back side together, and now the main front part of the vest is near complete. Just have to actually sew it together and finish the rear. I also spent time scanning images I have drawn. This image is a raft sketch of motifs taken from Art nouvou and Kamon patterns. After scanning, I was fighting with the computer to make everything even, editing, and other sorts of things. Tomorrow is a full day, starting from the morning to 4:30pm. So what I could do is draw more, finish the ring design, and write more if I was not distracted like today. I maybe able to finish painting my shells I has brought back with me from Galicia, another incomplete projects to do. So much to do. Here are uploads of in-process works...boring shit

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