Monday, September 6, 2010

the ordinary daily

Still on summer break because other holidays and vacation days cut off from the school schedule due to reconstructing and reforming the building. I spend my days at a new job I got as a parkinglot attendent at Toriimoto, and the other job as a teacher. If I dont spend the money, I think I can save up a pretty good amount, plus during the workhours as an attendent while I wait for people to park their cars and pass out tickets, I can read, write, sew, draw, and do other sorts of things/projects that I intended on doing during break.

Since my schedule is limited on doing art work when I am not working, I dont get that far ahead. For instance, I bought a linen pants that didnt have a back pocket so I spent like 3 days sowing the fabric I taken off from other pants onto the pants I have bought, and sowed the second line to make it sturdy. All of this could of been done in one day but no. With other thing going around and limited time because my time is based on my flatmate's work schedule. Whenever she gets back is whenever I stop doing what ever I was working on. The fan I am painting has taken total of 3 days, started in mid July and finally finished the base and sanding the bamboo in late August.

Today, I was able to copy some art' nouvo designs and able to construct motif's I will be using, for the fan and other projects I have, and also made a raft drawing for an clothing design I had in mind. The entire thing will take another weeks to finish drawing down idea's and another month to actually construct the real thing. I also ironed an fabric I will be using to make a vest I am preparing as a gift for a friend. I have another thing going on, finish the ring design I am doing before the 10th of September...that is THIS WEEK! (Also have shirt I made in Galicia but need stiches on few places and its is not done yet!)

So much to do, and only one body. I wish I had a sewing machine that actually works, an storage/studio of my own, and two more bodies. Well, I can do the vest and the ring design during work, and get paid doing easy job, how exciting! The best is to move or get my flatemate to move out but that aint really practical...I will go through many fights and misunderstandings and its really bitchy. So here, is what I sewed on, and some incomplete projects.

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