Sunday, August 12, 2012

attempting make an shoulder belt for my camera(1)

Hey Gang, wassup??
I recently found out about the Annoying Orange animation, and it cracks the hell out'a me up!!!!
How annoying can that Orange be? How much more annoying can he/she get?? Seriously.
So here, with not much money, my savings been running out thanks to the screwed up Japanese Society (oops, I almost forgot, the definition "society" does not exist in Japan! Only the Public does) and the beutified work ethics. (I will get to that someday, explaining what I think is to the extent and personal opinion. Feel free to voice your self!)
I think I had like 10,000 and couple thousand yens left in my account.
I made upto 26,000 yen for this month, in which 25,000 goes for rent, around 8,000 is for mobile bills, 6,000 is for the slow internet connection. So my share is probaly less than 10,000 yen, barely enough to supportmyself. I can only save up couple of pennies. However, this 26,000 does not exist any more (why? I dunno) and I have less than that in savings...I need to do some search on that. I with drew 2000 last week but, wha??
Anyhow, being poor and barely able to stick to an low wage part time job I fanally got, doesnt look good from an third person eye, and yes it aint all 'greens here but I am happier than before. Its kind of controverseal I think. ha ha ha......
Kay, enough of 'what the fuck is going aroun in my personal life' moment commentry, I will get to what I have been up to; crafting.

I have bought and 2 lens Camera laft month, and started making and camera case for that(which is still not completed)
I love this thing, how it looks, the gadgets, what it looks inside, the details and simplicity of it when taken apart, and the fact it is not majory in use by most people now-a-days. Ha! I feel cool (WTF?)
The lens cap, missing when I bought this thing, have collected and large size cap/lid from an juice bottle, and started working on ornamenting it last week. It ain done yet, not yet!
...and what I thought of doing when all this is not done (also have like 6 more painting and 4 more clothing to finish), I have dicided to make and strap/belt for the awesome camera.
Yea, I over work myself by proceeding like millions of projects at once.
I have not started making the betl yet, however I have found some cool sites/blogs that explains and reports how they made it. It is in Japanese, though I will post the links here so some of ya' can see it if Y'all is interested.

sorry gang, no photos this week, so I will post this posting for the hell of it!!!
until then, later *PEACE out Bro*

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  1. oh yes, the last enrty; "fuck tha police", I had an bad day because of them. How many times do they have to harass an innocent civilian to be happy? Seriously...