Monday, August 6, 2012


Hello Gang, I've been out and not writing as much here...a little catching up to do is necessary.
I moved to the Northern area of Kyoto City which I enjoyed the area in July of 2011. For me 2011 was an time of oblivion all together but trying to be optimistic, I found out more about the city and met new people, learned something that I known little of from them, had a good time with an girl (not everything was green and cheerful though) and started to work. The following year, 2012, in end of January, I was unemployed again, but between end of 2011 and 2012  I started to paint because of one phone call from Spain.
The deal is that I wanted to have something of me displayed overseas, and the person who called me could make it happen. I asked him about it and everything was alright. I just had to have the stuff together. So I've decided to have total of 15 painting(acrylic drawings) by August. I started around January, and now I have upto 9 works, 5 in progress, one in planning.
Besides this, I had several other projects going, but they are halted for now. They are textile, and products I have designed in 2011 and before, and dye works, wood work. This month, I've started to construct a page to display my works. It is not ready to be open pulically yet, but will be soon. I am planning to get it in some shape by the end of October.
I will upload some images and some inprogress works here.

By the way, I had andweird but delightful dream this morning; I cannot remember that much of what was is about, just near the end of it before I woke up. I think is it some time during the cold season in a more urban area, I was out and met by chance (or was it intentionally?? We planned to meet?) an student from the same Art University, underclassmen who is 2 grades below me, very cheerful and cute, and hung out in a date-like situation. She was dressed in clothing that was similar and resembles an High School uniform of Japan. This girl is one of my favorite person to be around with and I havent seen her since last year.
She let me hold hands with her, joke around, fool around, and had an fun time. When we where leaving, walking out on the street in the cold, I wrapped her neck with my scarf. She smiled and we got closer. Yes, it was like we were going out, and WAM! I woke up. too bad it was not an reality though sigh...

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