Thursday, August 9, 2012

fuck tha police

there are many cover of this song title, "fuck tha police" by numerous artists. I'd like to have mine too someday. First, I must train myself to sing properly.
 New uploads of pics: I have uploaded an In-progress work that was already finished when I wrote my last entry so I will upload it here.
 Yesterday, I went to an Live-House to see perfermors and musician go at it live and met some interesting ppl there. I also met an very interesting lady who is also an musician. The times I had there reminded me of my home, Worthington, OH. I have not seen the member of the Plutogang for so long it feels like it was an long past ago, somewhere down the road...
Money is something that you never of enough of!!!!

Obstacles to pass to get my foot on the soil of US. Now, I have ways of but it all comes down to money. Simply money. Anything you want to do, the exchange is the amount of money. I came to an conclusion that money i everything, sadly enough to say.

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