Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Time at Shishin Samurai cafe & diner

Not having much social life, it's been a while since I last went out. I was invited to an event. How I got around this is by ppl I know telling me about it:
A while back the curator of Oike Music Festival, Ito told me there is a intersting place I should visit. The place is located between Nijo castle and Karasuma, a cafe& bar called the Shishin. 
Shishin, having an interesting concept, it is a place for anyone who has high motivation and will to gather and communicate. The cafe&bar functioning as a themed bar and place for tourists to visit it was indeed interesting.
This month, Ito told me there is a event going on and suggested it is a good time for me to visit because there will be a lot of ppl from different genre showing up it'll be good for me to meet new ppl and enhance my art life. That, was Saturday. Ito could not come because of errands (later found out he is not in Kyoto at the time) so I went alone.

There were quite interesting ppl gathered there that evening. An UN worker, former Asashi broadcast producer and social producer, entrepreneurs, university students, and else.
I didn't talk to all of them but had the chance to speak to some of them which I had an interesting time. These university students were full of potential and agression that I didn't have when I was their age. I was amazed by them.

I exchanged contacts with some ppl and had a chance to show my indigo dyed pants and pouch I stitched. However, I had no business card to give or organized samples/portfolio to show so I don't know if ppl got the picture I wanted to tell.

The clock ticked and ppl socializing and drinking without ppl noticing as the night progressed towards the new day. It became quite late I left,later noticed that I left my windbreaker.
I picked up my wind breaker Monday evening and spoke with the owner and employee. They were interested in me, probably because of what I do (dye) and my history.
Well, that's something positive.

Next time, I need to prepare samples of my ethnic paintings/drawings along with the invented calligraphy. Perhaps I can exhibit them there? I would love that! It wouldn't kill the interior of the place but will add a 'spice' to the space.

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