Saturday, October 10, 2009

Barrel 44 Whiskey Bar

Went here for the first time with my lady friend Monica, had to google map it to remember the name. I usually don't go to many bars in the short north, I still haven't made it to least not sober and/or for happy hour. But I dug the place, it didn't feel like a pretentious bar as most people describe bars in the area. Not that it would matter to me in the first place, but it had a nice relaxed setting and I think I even heard an Isley Brothers track. Didn't spend much money either, I drank a Wild Turkey and Sprite for the first time and damn was it strong, and finished that off with a Budweiser. My tab came out at $8.25ish, I guess kinda of pricey for a mixed drink and one beer but it wasn't bad. I will Mos def. will be going back to this place w/friends and yall should check it out for yoselfs.

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