Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Crazy Dreams Band

Brody, Krusty Karl and I ventured down to the place that you can always go...downtown. We attended a show at Skylab that featured the band pictured above. Us being alcoholically late because I needed a 40oz of King Cobra got us there just as Crazy Dreams Band were setting up. Considering I had no idea what there sound would be like I was hoping for a punk band with a female lead. But that didn't happen, and nor was I disappointed. What we got instead was a psyche rock group with a soulful female singer who I dug fosho. On there myspace page the band describes there sound as "in a blender on acid" and I would agree. I immediately thought of all my friends who did/do drugs and likes to listen to music that "intensifies" they experience. The first thing I thought after they adjusted there sound and vocals were those Pink Floyd songs that would have the female vocalist on them. I mean for a second as corny as it sounds and considering I had been working for 9 hours before the show I dazed off and was "lost in the music" while thinking of my last "tripped out" experience. They even had an 8 minute "ballad" that left the entire crowd either bopping they heads, tapping they feet, or a few cats in the back pulling off those "grateful dead" moves. Usually I dont dig this type of music but they are an exception, and after chatting with lead singer Lexi and Nate who I believe was the drummer I was inspired. What inspired me was how they were able to catch my attention with a sound I wasnt expecting, thats what always gets me about bands at Skylab. I told them about Shredded Lettuce and they dug, and we joked about my "double life" as a graffer/corporate american. They told me about how they were from Baltimore, and were doing a southern/midwestern tour and were heading back east. Lexi also expressed her love for Columbus, OH and invited us to visit them anytime we are in B-More.

After the set we had a debate about hula hoops becoming an Olympic sport and I proceeded to break a Guinness World Record by being the first Black Man to down a 40oz and hula hoop at the same time, moms would be proud to know that I did not break this record. We thanked our new friends for blowing our minds and Tipsetted from Skylab. Brody and I tried to convince Krusty to bomb the streets of downtown with us without success. But we managed to slay a few spots while a security guard harassed us and I Dee-Boed Brody into "not being a bitch and come on". We were also harassed by a junkie on the eastside who wouldnt stop asking me "ay bruh who holding something, is you holding something" as I attempted to do "philly hand styles". All in all it was a funtime for the Tag Paint Gang.

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