Sunday, September 20, 2009

Independents Day/Maza Blaska/Karate Coyote/Skylab

Last night is a perfect example of why I love Columbus, OH and will probably settle here when I start making babies. Independents Day is a street festival held once a year on Gay st. between 3rd and High st. This was my first year attending, and I will mos def. be going back. When we arrived Brody and I immediately took a shot of Wild Turkey at TipTop Bar. This set the mood for the night and left a warm feeling in my stomach. We then proceeded to check out Aaron Hibbs attempt to break the world record for consecutive hours of hoola-hooping at the Shelf/Skylab. Next we got to check out my friends band, Maza Blaska. With the amazing Sam Corlett on vocals Maza Blaska is an alternative rock group who are also my friends. They are awesome and its definitely different knowing members of a band somewhat personally. I met Sam and guitarist Yoni thru the Brodester a few months ago and I know they are really great people and am glad to have them as friends. We then went back up to Skylab to check out some tunage and refill our drank cups with booze. Skylab resident who I only know by John was spinning a screwed version of "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John that was stuck in my head all night, he then proceeded to destroy an 80's big screen television pictured above, sadly I forgot to take pictures of the result but it looked fun. Next we got to check out Sams other band, Karate Coyote. This was prob. the highlight of the event for me at least. Karate Coyote is an indie/pop/rock group from here, Columbus, OH. They are fucking dope, I wish I took pictures but Columbus' city hall was right behind there stage and it really reminded you that you were in the heart of downtown Columbus. It was obvious the majority of the crowd was in a great mood and Sams awesomeness along with her soulful voice gave some goosebumps. We had to leave early due to cats wanting to get rowdy at my new spot, but I was glad to be able to check out both bands and the Independents Day festivities, now one of my favorite local fests. The rest of the night consisted of hanging with some wo-town cats at my place, random skate session with Polska and Swayne, going back down to skylab for a rowdy dance party, another stop and shot at TipTop, rowdiness in the streets of downtown Columbus, Swayne being belligerent to the point where he is hanging out of cars(lol), and introducing Jordy Clark to houndogs pizza. Seriously weekends like these make me not want to leave this city, I love the midwest.


  1. Thanks a lot man- You're a big sweetie. Nice to stumble upon this blogosphere :o)

  2. thanks friend...let me kno if yall are still down to play skylab cause that would be cool, and lets party soon!