Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lovely Eggs and Monster House

Last night General PG, Polska One, and the newest and 2nd female member of the Too Phly Gang, Ellaface a.k.a Wifey, went to the the Monster House to check out what I thought would be an acoustic show. PG and I skated the alleys of campus and drank 40's on our way to the destination. When we arrived monster house was popping off... I mean there were alot of people there. I immediately went straight to the basement where I found a cute blonde with a British accent holding a guitar. When her set started Peege and I were all smiles. The Lovely Eggs are a British 2 piece indie rock band from Lancaster, UK. They have a Wiki page so im not gonna rant too much about them. But they are fucking dope playing electric and acoustic tracks, as well as using a ukuele for one track that M.Davis would have dug. After they set I tried to hit on Holly, the vocalist/guitarist, only to discover that she was married to her drummer, David Blackwell. They are an awesome couple and really nice people, they offered me cds and a shirt which I regretfully forgot to grab. I was so satisfied with that band I didnt even give the other bands a chance. So we proceeded to party, drink wine in a suit jacket, and do philly hand style tags all over north campus, it was a funtime.

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