Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Guess Were Not Crazy After All

You know as well as Cune knows. The money arround the world is controlled by a very select few(no not the jews). For a long time it was all speculation, and conspiracy theroies. Well my fellow Plutonians the
numbers are in.
According to a study done by phyisicist out of Zurich, Switzerland the worlds finances are in the hands of a few mutual funds, corporations, and banks. And you know as well as I know, you cant argue with numbers,The only true concrete thing in this universe. The funny thing to me is that all the control really lies in Anglo-Saxon based countries..... Sorry to get personal, but why cant black people be in the select few who run shit in this fucked up world. Either way,black or white this is fucked up. It really is true that our money is controlled by a few white guys( with a sprinkle of brown, yellow, and black dudes).

In other news concerning the NWO. At the U.N. conference on trade and development, it has been sugested that the world uses a global currency. Well I dont knoe what to make of all of this....So I suggest you make up your own mind on these things... But for me. I am beggining to suspect all is run by 4 people.

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