Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Erabik IOK/MFK

I have been meaning to post some of this young gunners work on here for awhile. The subject of this piece tho brought to my attention my ignorance to some history of graff. The story I got from The Prophet was that the character in the middle of Erabiks piece was painted by a graff artist ahead of young Es time, so he thought instead of going over it as some "toys" or disrespectful writers would, he would preserve it by incorporatin it into his piece. When I first met homie we were discussing how Ohio is too small for beef and what a waste of time it is for cats to hate on another mans grind. So I find it funny that he is catching heat by older and young heads (mostly over the Internet) for trying to do what he thought was write. In my opinion when I first saw it I thought it was a dope concept, characters come and go and he made a wise decision by showing he isn't another dick who would've have just gone over it. Enough of the ranting about graff life im gonna post a few more of this dudes work....

(Credit The Mix for stolen flix)

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