Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Went To Mcfaddens....

Its sad that this year hasnt been "popping" of like 2009 was. It seemed like every weekend there was something going on, if not we could always go to Sweatin'. The DIY scene has not had as many shows as last year, and even the Sweatin/Dance or Die/Get Right events seem like they are too spaced out. That is why I ended up at Mcfaddens last night. Sure I could have gone to the 15th house show like I planned, but I was not in the mood for live music, which is rare. Thanks to the kid Scooter, who won happy hour (which really wasnt that great of a happy hour) I was able to enjoy cheaper drinks then the rest of the bros who were ready to fist pump and dry hump to make there suburban fathers proud. I honestly did enjoy myself, I got a few free drinks, was gyraped (patented) by a group of off beat dancing females, and caught up with some friends I havent seen in years. It may be another flip-flop bro haven, tho doc martens were prob appropriate for this season, but for being overcharged in a crowded and humid enviorment it was an unexpected good time.

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