Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ten Mixtapes From The Year 2009

Lil Wayne - No Ceilings: Anyone who knows me can confirm that I have been a Weezyhead since Dedication 2. I mean that mixtape alone could have went platinum as an album. But with Waynes recent experiment with rock and autotune I have tuned out Lil Weezer for a bit. This release put me back on the bandwagon and will go down as a classic with some of other waynes past mixtapes.

Wiz Khalifa - Burn After Rolling: Up until a few months ago this guy was a no name to me. I read his buzz on the blogs but didnt take him seriously. Thanks to the homie M.Wortman this guy has become one of my favorites artists of the year, tho I didnt really dig his most recently released album, Deal or No Deal, this mixtape was prob. my favorite of the year.

DJ Drama & Gucci Mane - The Burrprint (The Movie 3-D): My cousin Corn is the only reason I gave this mixtape any spins, and the fact that the majority of the mixtapes I downloaded this year came from Gucci Mane. This completed my TrapRap fixin for the year.

Wale And 9th Wonder - Back To The Feature: After the Cunesta Negro posted The Mixtape About Nothing, I officially became a fan of mr W(H)ale. So of course I immediately went to the blogs to find out more about this guy, when I saw 9th Wonder of Little Brother fame attached with this guys name I was of course sold and impressed with the many features on the tape.

Drake - So Far Gone: Drake before he got his Young Money/Cash Money "street cred". I didnt hear about dude until a few months after this was out, but this is the Drake I became a fan of, dude is still solid and 2010 is gonna be a great year for him.

DJ Drama & Gucci Mane - The Movie Pt 2: More Gucci Mane of course, I mean he is the mixtape king of 2009. If you haven't heard the Movie Pt 1 then you are missing out, both mixtapes are better than any album Gucci has ever put out.

Raekwon - Staten We Go Hard Vol 1: Got this after OB4CL2 came out, and listen to this more than I do his actual album (up until recently). I think im gonna call this my 3rd favorite mixtape of the year, it made me a fan of the Chef again.

DJ Drama & Snoop Dogg - The City Is In Good Hands: Found this while looking for more Gucci Mane and was sold by the combo of Snoop Dogg and Dj Drama, if you have not heard this and are a fan of both please check it out.

DJ Whoo Kid, The Empire & Nipsey Hussle - Bullets Ain't Got No Names Vol 3: Downloaded this out of curiosity and didnt listen to it until weeks after I had it. But it was stuck in the CD player for over a week and made me a fan of this up and coming west coast rapper.

DJ Drama & Cam'ron - Boss of All Bosses: Cam has been the dude since horse and carriage days and this was one of my favorite mixtapes of the year, multiple car and club bangers on this.

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