Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Jza and The Tale of the Seattle Squatter (Hipster Grifter Part Deux?)

Found these videos over on Neuman and Mattards blog, Distort and Destroy, of the only person I seem to freestyle with anymore, my mans the Jza of Kurt Russell and now Biff Boff Barf fame. The dipset studio session is by far my fave!

Also while I was surfing they bliizog I stumbled upon this story of the female pictured in the middle of the photo below. I am dubbing her the Hipster Grifter Part Deux(click picture below for link to story), those of you who have not met this young lady (and lucky you are as Yoda would say?) you may not be aware of her acts of moochery and could be the next victim, even us TiPsetGrifters have fallen victims to her ways of thievery. If your are not familiar with the original Hipster Grifter <--follow this link. Its funny and also sad how similar these two young ladies stories are.

(Credit The Black Cloud for photos)


  1. That's the bitch that lifted Jownzys iPod. To all hired guns: If seen, destroy her, eliminate with EXTREME prejudice!!!!

  2. haha I was thinkin the same thats why I felt no shame puttin her on blast on here, cause she was disrespeckin

  3. I don't know this bitch do I? You know what...This bitch violated...So she should get violated..In the throat.. cause from the myspace pics she be lookin good! I wouldnt mind doin this bitch dirty and throwin her out my house at 4 in the morning naked

  4. haha no dude this is mungus right here, I debated if she was bangable only because I was already a 6 pack deep...she prob has the STiDs as well