Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ghostface Killah- Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry

So im a little late on a "review" for this one since the album is a couple months old, but im already calling it a sleeper. I feel this because it seems people would think an RnB album done by a rapper would be weak, I had my doubts as well. But being a Ghost fan I had faith that Mr. Starks would come through for the fans, I even turned a young lady friend of mine who listens to angry white boy music into a fan of the cd. This is the type of album you can listen to while your out ridin or chillin at home cookin some chicken with a female. In my opinion its one of the more creative albums of 2009 and for that matter the last decade, considering the type of music the Wu-Tang Clan member usually puts out. If your a fan I suggest giving it a few spins and judge for yourself, and since im not good at putting in words why you should listen im just gonna post a few tracks below....first track is my cut.

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