Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Freeway & Jakeone- The Stimulus Package

When I first heard about this album about 2 months ago...I was shaking my head in disbelief. Freeway is on Rhymesayers? Say word? Freeway is doing an album with Jakeone? Say word? I guess Freezer thouhght it would be best to not deal with all the major label bullshit, and the result of that thought is one of the best albums of his career to date. Freeway sounds right at home over the great production by Jakeone, which in my my opinion is why this record shines. Most of the time an MC has anywhere from 5- 10 producers on one record and he constanly has to change his approach to the music. You can tell Free is comfortable with Jake handling the whole album and it allows his rhymes to be displayed with an effortless quality.

This record is one of the few indie releases that will be felt by street niggas and backpackers alike. Bridging the gap between mainstream and indie almost flawlessly. Being that this record is on an indie juggernaut like Rhymesayers, people who would have probably never given Freeway the time of day will be inclined to listen because of the label and Jakeone. And because it is an MC who a lot of niggas love in the streets, who never even heard of Rhymesayers and Jakeone, it will sell like hotcakes.
Below are some of the tracks I am really digging right now.

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  1. I saw you posted a track on the fbook, glad you put this shit on here now im sold diggin that never gonna change track. I heard free is also signed to cash money....should be interesting what happens next.