Monday, March 15, 2010

Intro and commercial: solo exhibition of Terada Ryuta

an Upper classman (graduate in 3/20 2010) from KSUA is going to plan to open an art exhibition in Kyoto around May. Specific place and time is not known yet, just got this information from him about a month ago. How this came to be is that the owner of the gallery liked Ryuta's work that was displaced in Kyoto Museum during the graduating student's work exhibition in Januray, and asked him if he would be interested to have his works for show. New work for the gallery is now done, and tomorrow, both new works and past older works will be transported to the gallery.

Ryuta is also known as "Master" throughout the school. His nickname from high school adapted to his personality and the environment, thus it stayed. He studies in the Fine Arts dept. is mostly absract/surreal/impression-action paintings. It is hard to explain his style without actually looking at the stuff he makes, and when he does it.

As a friend and lower classman, I like his works, and thought that it would be cool to have some of his works showed here. If your in the neighboorhood, check it out.

Oh, by the way, If you are going to put a price on his works, how much would you be willing to pay?? I'd like to know!!

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  1. nice im diggin these, Id drop bout $50-60 USAmerica dollars for the top 2 joints and maybe $80-100 for the converse jawns cause that shits dope and im cheap...