Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We No Limit Soldiers!

Calling all my No Limit Soldiers...I thought I told you but I have not told you, the ones who used to make it say uuuuuhhhhh. Im talking bout Master P, Silk The Shocker, C Murder, Mystikal, Fiend, Kane and Able, and even Snoopy Doggy Dogg was in the house. Back before muthafuckas had traps goin haaaaaaaaamm, and people rollin or might be rollin there was No Limit Records. Before the Hot Boyz and Lil Weezer had suburbanites chanting "bling bling" there was No Limit Records. Now thanks to those dedicated oontzers over at The Prophet we have available to you a large collections of albums released under the No Limit name, click here to find all your favorite No Limit throwback joints. Please believe the hype, I have a feeling Chester and Cune might lurk/dig a few of these...

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