Friday, August 28, 2009

Gucci Mane feat. Young Joc- Peep The Swag w/Lyrics

I know most people think Gucci is not a lyricist...and your right but the nigga Corn a.k.a my cousin and I have been clownin at work by reciting Gucci Mane lyrics acapella. I think we have scared quite a few white people, and I have been told by my boss to take my job more seriously.....riiiiight. This was my cut for the beginning of the summer, these niggas is stooopid.

Gucci: 3x its Gucci mane the weirdo with brand new material like Jamario jamario i go hysterical

(Hook 3x), when u peep the swag tell me what u see, grade A hustler certified G

Gucci/Joc: its Gucci mane the weirdo with brand new material like Jamario, jamario i go hysterical serious delirious im rapping like an idiot i left it locked Joc killed this sh** so icy be ????? a certainly, certainly please believe i murder beats its Joc and Gucci mane out here chasing currency.. im pretty sure you've heard of me youve heard of me youve heard of we these haters wanna murda me .....currency a Chevy very burgundy with oscar seats a plain P, master thief from 93 and these haters are sick of me look at B coercing me these copy cats rehearsing me you look for me ill be on Myrtle beach where the purple be

(Hook 3x)

Gucci/Pacman(Joc): first of all i stand a little more than 4 feet tall i aint scared to brawl pacman came to ball smoking my weed and sippin my lean high as a plane okagees its gucci mane the worker bee so sick in the booth its quarantined yeah i walk with a waddle bump with the guava chop models kickin it with gualas Gucci Mane is socrates hey man hear's my philosophy gucci u inspire me skid marks where my tires belet hit the block and drop the top and look at the astrology cool check out this camaraderie, we just hit the lottery you can not find no hotter 3 matter fact no hotter beat its gucci pacman J.O.C. hoes eat us up like vitamins my ????? were thin so icy .......

(Hook 3x)

Gucci/Joc: like rhyming with the pokadots im rapping so un orthodox,they say im slightly off my rocker hit you with them hydro shockers`and no this aint a fairy tail but im riding with Goldy locks check my pockets holding knots im riding in a stolen drop and u just love security but you are not a robo-cop you play me like your robo-cop ill murk you in the parking lot please believe we holding glocks yall ni**** soda pop soda pop yeah i sold a pop im payin out the nose for guap

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