Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jones TPG

The homie Jonesy a.k.a Pass Out Mcghee has been puttin in some work on the roller and canvas tip. They Paint Gold!


  1. Damn dundundun! Jones be on it! I'm proud of that nigga(whitey). Makes me wanna get back in the game. By the way not to brag or nothin, But the other day at work these Sweedish Graff writters who were staying at my Hostel gave me 150 dollars worth of Montana Gold paint cause they couldnt take it with them on the plane. Talk about a reason to start painting again, and work on getting better.

  2. yea that phool jones is on it, and fuck braggin thats just dope bro. You better put that shit to good use my nigga, we that Too Phresh Gang!