Monday, August 30, 2010

awful or not?

August is almost over and Septmenber is on the way, but in Japan it is still hot as hell and feel like mid-summer but the air is a little Autumn-ish. I know it doesnt no fucking make sense, but it is the way it is cats. I got a short-term job, a part time, as a parking attendent in Toriimoto Historical SceneryProtected area. Thats cool and easy but the pay is not good, but for the easy labor, its pretty good. It depends on where and how you take it I suppose.

I still feel awkward in Japan but able to take it like a self consuling and notice things about me that I rejected many times. Thats is life so far. I also have been spending money for personal shit. I never was able to do much of that because I have to feed myself +one more but now I am not doing that that much I have some amount of money to spend for myself. No one is bitching at me so far and its all good.

I have two packages to send to friends in Spain but worried how much it will cost to get it sent. Hope it aint too expensive.

On the news, I am keep on hearing earth quake reports and afraid that the mega-quake theory that scientist has been saying may become a reality. In short time span, I think the occurance is very very dense. If more and more is heard often like a daily routine, then I am fucked or scared, whichever is the best fit for the situation IDK. Some people profit from disaster while some people dont. Scary thought.

Kay, well enough for the day and gonna head out try'n to organize life a little

see ya

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