Monday, August 9, 2010

It's been a long time.

Why hello my fellow Plutonians! It's me that nigga Cune. I know yall are looking at me thinking "This nigga..This nigga right here goes doesn't post shit for the gang, starts his own blog(which has been just as neglected I might add) and comes on to make a post like everything is peace?!". And yes I am making a post like everything is peace. I still rep TPG to the fullest which is why in the next month or two I will be posting the first TPG tattoo. But for now I thought I would just do a couple of posts highlighting the music I have been digging on for the past 2 months, and later (when I get the pictures) let yall in on the parties I have been attending(at one I gave Nas of "I made Illmatic and knocked up Kelis" fame dap and watched Q-Tip spin some monster jams.).

As always it all starts with the jams for me. And as the resident Jam master of the gang(yeah I said it!) Here are the tracks that have shaped the past couple of months for me. I hope you all enjoy la musica and forgive me for being a bad gang member. I hope this makes it up.

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