Monday, August 9, 2010

This Weekend In Charleston, SC...

I guess you can say ive settled into the south quite well. Im definitely running with the right crowd of people (graff life browe) but its the variety of the group (foreign people are fun/ny) that I appreciate thanks to the dood Willy Mac who has been my guide around town. Ive found dope beaches and tasty beer thats cheap (tho I miss my $2.99 ginny sixers) and a nice chill spot. The day after Get Right at Skate Naked was held (and yes I am a quite a bit salty I missed that) the homie Willy, the homegirl JayJay and I went to the North Chuck (Charleston) skate park for a competition/party that was goodtime and made up for the fact that I wasnt able to Get Right with the folks back home. The rest of the weekend saw a tropical storm warning, me cooking fish for the first time, my girls birthday celebration with her moms in town and a piece session at my chillspot, the complex. This weekend gave me the confidence that the decision I made to move down here was worth it and there are gonna be many great fuckin times to be had in the south that I will post up here.

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