Saturday, August 7, 2010


Its been like what, a month and a half since I have returned and I have been drinking at least a can of alcoholic beverage everyday. Three days ago, I went out with my boss and couple other people, got myself drunk as hell on a emputy stomach, then drinking 3 glasses of Whiskey following that and threw up+passed out. The next day was like hell and what I was going to do the following three days where screwed up due to my inmature drinking behavior. I went to the hospital to get it checked, because it was unlike any other times I have experienced and first time passing out annoying everyonem my internal organs hurting as I walk or reach for something, hard time breathing, throwing up until I pass out again, no memory, and things of that nature. I get an IV and feel better 4 hrs after being checked the next day but still hurts to walk and sometimes breathing is hard. I think I have damaged something I really should not of, and wished that I can tolerate alchol more like my friends do. I forgot I am not like those Galicians and took it like they would, so I was dumb. But, I am still alive and recovering, be able to type, talk, eat, swollow correctly, and stand up.

Tomorrow, I am going to get an foot masage from an therapist I know, knowing she could reverse bad fluid and other shit like that through her knowledge of accupuncture if I get to see her. This, is a big deal and WTH!

So while recovering, I sewed a bag for a modle sword I have bought a week ago and took pictures of the bag with the sword. I have uploaded the same deal on my Facebook, along got an idiotic comment that "can I get the same thing at Walmart?". The guy is trying to be funny or stupid? I know Walmart sells ammo, but can I get a future wife at Walmart?

Swords are not common now, and never was back in the old days, only and some people had them; for the reference if ya people who are looking at this was idiotic and wondering.

Chao, todos

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