Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back Down Memory Lane

Took a ride up the good ol 4th Street before I left town and realized I had a deep connection to the street. Exactly 4 years ago today we were prob. raging at the 4th street mansion which was the first "apartment" for all of us and the house that molded The Pluto Gang. Cune and I held our first office Jobs or "real jobs" off of the street which was located behind Kevin Kurgis office. Bodega north and south are still in business and I would visit both whenever I was in the area. Spent many, many, many , many nights driving drunk up this street from Skylab, the Crackhouse, Last house on the left, or anywhere in the Short or Downtown. Probably one of my favorite one-way streets if not favorite street in general, and fuck Summit Street, 4th Street all mutha fuckin day.

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